2015 Honda Civic Se Iridium Plugs at 100k

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Feb 25, 2014
Kansas (316)
Done these while back with valve adjustments and new valve cover gasket. Found these in shed. Now at 138000 miles but thought you would enjoy. 90 percent ethanol free fuel with PEA based cleaners only. Most of these miles were with PennzoilUltraPlatinum0w20
Did you use the OCI suggested by the minder? smile Those twin tips are supposed to be very good! I know Denso came out with them a few years ago. Glad to see more OEM's using them 138k in less than 3 years? crzy
Bought the car in January 2016 with 11 miles on it. It sees only highway travel and occasionally a brief track runner. 138k in 25 months.
That is some mileage! Denso Iridium are outstanding plugs....Denso has a plant in China now frown Hey wait a minute! My Montero is twenty-three years old and has less mileage? At least you have something that get great gas mileage. Respectfully, Pajero!
Marco.... What did you find when you did the valve adjustment? Were they all pretty much good, but need some slight tweaking? My Accord 2010 Accord has 140k on it and I'm considering having the adjustment done. I don't have the time or experience to do this job.
how do you do the valves adjustment, I'm interested doing it on my own on my old Mazda
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