2015 Honda Accord Hybrid - two 10k runs on M1 EP 0W-20


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Dec 14, 2002
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Two OCIs in my 2015 Accord Hybrid. The factory fill UOA is archived on here someplace. Was a little bit surprised to see the water content flagged, as this car sees a lot of highway use, but since it's a hybrid, if I had just done a lot of commuting, it could well have condensation in there. The sample did sit in y house for nearly a year, fwiw, but the elevated Cu and K do raise an eyebrow... Wish they would have given viscosity on the sample with water, and wish I'd have fuel % on both... [Linked Image]
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Why is the phos & zinc so high in your samples? Same with the other post with PP?
Like Lance Armstrong, we caught him supplementing. Saw that too. If it was a lab error, why is it being repeated over multiple runs? We're taking away your Yellow Jersey and place on the podium. That low viscosity is probably due to fuel % too high. Top off with M1 15w50 halfway thru to prop it up some.
More to the mystery. Here's another I sent in and just got back. Likely this one had the Lubeguard in it. No Zn/P. But water.... not that great of a result. [Linked Image] Kind of annoying they didn't merge this with the others. All samples came in one box.
Those samples are all over the place....shame, because the M1 0W-20 EP has the highest PAO content of any Mobil product I have come across....was interested to know the rest... I am wondering if its because the samples were so old....humidity contamination? on the oldest one maybe.
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Yeah, you might be on to something with the humidity absorption perspective... The result of the last one is pretty bad though, IMO... Just goes to show that PAO percentage is not an indicator of performance in and of itself... Just a wife's tale .