2015 Ford Fusion 2.0L EcoBoost 5k OCI Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30

Apr 5, 2020
Channahon, IL
Used a Fram Ultra Guard filter (XG3614) time around, and put another one on when I changed the oil. Nothing of real note driving wise; this Coronavirus thing kept me pretty close to home; farthest I went was up to Chicago on Halloween night for a party with some friends.

February 23rd was near the end of the deep freeze Illinois went through that month (there were multiple days where the car sat outside in freezing temperatures for several hours since I wasn't able to take a lunch break); I had run to get lunch before draining the oil, but the car sat outside for about half an hour while I worked on an alignment; I'm guessing that's why there was fuel dilation in this sample.

I did discover, to my embarrassment, that the pitchers we have at the shop I work at for oil read about 1/4 QT low a few weeks before I did the oil change; I used a different container for this oil change and the oil level was at the full mark proper on the dipstick. Doesn't seem to have hurt anything in the long run, thankfully, but still embarrassing.


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1/4 qt low !! won't hurt a thing.
Still annoying to discover, especially since I was using thing those pitchers for every oil change involving blend or full synthetic (our oil guns are connected to bulk tanks filled with conventional oil).