2014 Reno Air Race photo show...

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Dec 9, 2011
Five-time reigning champion, Steve Hinton, won his sixth National Championship flying the P-51 Mustang “Voodoo.” Sherman Smoot and his Yak-11, “Czech Mate,” finished in second place. Unofficial race results had Thom Richard finishing in third place in the P-51 racer, “Precious Metal.” On Richard’s second lap, the Contest Committee Judge responsible for judging the East Showline ruled that Richard had crossed the showline. This is a violation of FAA rules and regulations (think Galloping Ghost), so according to official race rules, results in disqualification. This led to Dennis Sanders and “Dreadnought” finishing in third place. VooDoo can do... its unlimited result was 462.926... not a record but one heck of race pace... Proud Daddy Steve Hinton Sr in a T33 took over start duties and chase from Bob Hoover... Thom Richard “Precious Metal.” was DQ for cutting the East Showline rule... This is a violation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations because of Galloping Ghost augured the gand stands... Dennis Sanders “Dreadnought” moved up to third place. Rare Bear, the 10-time champion piloted by Stewart Dawson retired with mechanical issues on lap one and made an uneventful landing... Rolls Royce Griffon stuffed into a Mk14 Spitfire turning a 5 blade Rotel prop... Pratt and Whitney R2800 R2800 Con Rod Breitling model Not everyday you get your hands on a real A6M5 Zero... John Magoffins exquisite 1927 Lockheed Vega the only one flying... Jim Moss built GeeBee QED... sadly Moss passed away shortly after the project was completed... RIP Lee Behel and George Pereira's GP5... for 40 years George has been designing and building aircraft with the "home built" experimental aircraft enthusiast in mind like the GP4 and Osprey... speculation in the hanger points to wing failure... Even though the liquid cooled V engines have more advantages over air cooled opposed engines they haven't won the Sport Class yet... mercy!!! George likes to build with wood...
Great photos! I don't see how the GeeBee QED actually flies in real life. I keep expecting Bugs or Daffy Duck to emerge from the cockpit.
I wonder if the Lee Behel crash involved the same wing coming off that was damaged in a previous incident where the landing gear on that side came down in flight ans was torn off. He skillfully landed the plane but damaged the wing on that side because of the missing landing gear.
Great photos. Reno is on my 'bucket list.' Mike Wilton (glasses and mustache, under the 2nd "oo" in "Voodoo" in your pictures, facing Steve Jr.) looks really proud of the way his engine held up all week. And he should be!
I doubt anyone will beat Stevo in Voodoo, unless someone brings Dago Red back into racing...that plane was probably the fastest this course will ever see, and why it was taken out of racing I'll never understand...Rare Bear is cool too, but I doubt it'll ever run as fast as it did back in its hay day...
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