2014 F250 6.7L PSD, 13.5K miles on Amsoil DEO 5w-40.

Feb 5, 2016
2014 F250 6.7L PSD, 13.5K miles on Amsoil DEO Signature Series Max Duty 5w-40. 175K on engine. Donaldson filter this time. Sample #s 4, 5 & 6: Amsoil DEO SS 5w-40 Sample #s 2 & 3: Red Line 15w-40 Deleted 1K into #4. Interesting how iron tracks silicon. Switched it up and put Amsoil Diesel & Marine AME CI-4+ 15w40 in this time. And changed air filters. Will see how that goes. [Linked Image]
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Historically around 2ppm Fe / 1k miles; very good wear rate. All other metals very low as well. Most interesting is how the fuel dilution has dropped to such low levels; obviously the delete greatly alters the fuel residual. Although wear was not tracking with fuel per say. Overall there's good reason to expect a long life from your engine!