2014 Dodge Charger- Early 50th present to me

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Jul 13, 2005
New Hampsha
Picked up a 2014 Dodge Charger SE this past Monday. I've been smitten with eventually getting one ever since I rented one out in Colorado a couple of years ago. Took that thing up and down Mt Evans like there was no tomorrow lol

MSRP was 30,275. Ended up getting it for 22,300 after rebates, USAA discount, breathing human discount, sun was shining that day discount, etc, etc etc....

3.6 Pentastar has plenty of pep putting out 292HP. 260lbs of torque is nice too.

8 speed Transmission (little bit of a learning curve in putting it in drive or reverse believe it or not lol) The shifter stays centered and you just hold the stick up or down depending what direction you want to go in.

20" Wheel package...little bit of overkill in my opinion but they do look nice. I'm already looking for something in the 18" range. First thing will be a set of snow tires and rims probably in the 17" size

Still on my first tank of gas but so far been avg 29 mpg according to the computer. I think they rated it with the 8 speed at 31 mpg? Remains to be seen.

Still getting used to the bigger size as I've been driving mid to smaller size imports the last few years.

I know the 2015's have a much nicer interior and a different overall look but I really like the "look" of the current Charger and the pricing was right.

Oil changes look to be super easy with the top mounted cartridge filter and I'll probably put a Fumoto Drain Valve on after the first change.

Nice! Big difference from the old HHR you used to have
Nice car. The current generation has just the right proportions. I had a 300 rental for about a month a few years ago and it was a very nice car. Rode soft, but maybe the Charger is firmer...I'm sure it is with the 20" wheel package. I like the electronic shifter...just wish they gave you paddle shifters too, or some way to control those 8 speeds. They often were not doing what I wanted them to do.

Great buy.
Nice car! I've been impressed by the Chargers I've rented too. The V-6 with the 8 speed is a great combo, good economy and impressive power.
Looks like a worthy successor to the Charger coupe of old. More and more as I see and read about these, I'm impressed. Any pics of the interior?
That is exactly the car i want next/what I really wanted when I bought my Sable last Jan.(unfortunately still outside my price range) 2011-14 Charger, v6, 8speed, you even got the right color.... look me up in about 5 years if you wanna sell it.
Nice car and excellent price!

I guess you get to head over to Tirerack.com and pick out some winter wheels/tires for that car with those savings.
I almost jumped on an deal of a leftover FWD '14 avenger R/T for &21K. Nice Leather, phoenix pentastar motivation (good? bad? - IDK!), bling rims (not my thang).Very VERY Good ergos. (Unlike the unforgiveable poorly designed new Dart cabin - what a disappointment!)
But, I couldn't go back to 21 mpg after getting 36+ average with 70/30 driving. and the resale on a "fleet rental" is abysmal. But if its a keeper no problem!

Good luck.
Very nice. I'm guessing there will be deep discounts while the '15s come out. It's also your last chance to get an AWD Hemi.
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