2014 Cummins ISL9/ 424hrs / Delo 5W40

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Oct 15, 2008
Northern Alberta
Copper worries me a bit, but otherwise this engine appears to be wearing very well. I did a oil sample shortly after it was changed because the Kenworth dealer overfilled the oil and the injectors went so I was concerned the extra gallon of oil was fuel.
Thanks for sharing this report. I do not understand how a lot of serious stuff gets so little attention on this forum. Interesting how "much" Fe was carried over from the previous OCI. Aside from the Cu leaching issue (or non-issue), this report looks much better and cleaner than others you have been posting here lately. Not an oil field truck???
still an oilfield truck but this one gets treated better, and has a excellent factory oil filter, LF9080 I believe its 98% at 10 microns. Factory OCI is 500 hours hoping to extend that as 500 hours is only a month of work.
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