2013 Honda Civic Si (K24Z7), Red Line 5w30, 9321mi

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Feb 27, 2017
I did use a bottle of VP fuel additive during this interval, which probably explains the lead. Otherwise, seems okay to me. Thoughts?
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[code][/code] Well for comparison sake here is my 2013 SI UOA. They also commented on lead as well. Interesting... 2013 civic SI K24Z7, Hondata Flashpro custom tune, AFE Pro Dry air filter. Your air filtration system is doing a good job, as seen by the 16 ppm of silicon in this sample. Universal averages show typical wear for this type of engine after about 6,900 miles of oil use. You kept this oil in place a little longer and most metals are in line with averages. Lead is a bit higher and that could show bearing wear, but this engine probably has aluminum bearings, so maybe it's from an octane booster or "unleaded" track fuel, if any were used. Let's just see how it trends. The viscosity read in the 0W/20 range and the TBN was strong at 4.1. Try 10,000 miles No make up oil. Oil Amsoil 0W30 AZO Miles in use 8,615 Miles 67,903 Sample taken 07/02/17 Aluminum 4 Chromium 0 Iron 6 Copper 1 Lead 7 Tin 0 Molybdenum 135 Nickel 0 Manganese 0 Silver 0 Titanium 0 Potassium 1 Boron 78 Silicon 16 Sodium 10 Calcium 3002 Magnesium 12 Phosphorus 576 Zinc 624 Barium 0 SUS Viscosity @210° 54.8 Cst Viscosity @100° 8.70 Flashpoint 425° Fuel% <0.5 Antifreeze% 0 Water% 0 Insolubles% 0.1 TBN 4.1
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