2012 Ford Fusion Sport AWD PTU 54K

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Aug 17, 2012
Here is the second go round with draining/filling the PTU/Transfer Case in my 2012 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. The results of the initial drain can be found HERE: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubb...PTU#Post3257204 As you can see the most notable difference is the decrease in iron (a good thing). I expected a more significant change and blackstone did too. There are no noticable operational problems with the powertrain in my car.. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Most current UOA Report :
Comments: We gave this transfer case the benefit of the doubt last time, even with quite a bit of metal present, 
but things didnt improve nearly as much as we were hoping for. Aluminum and iron are lower, 
but its likely that the shorter oil run had a lot more to do with that than mechanical parts that are actually wearing better. 
Silicon could show dirt, though that shouldnt really enter a closed sstem. Insolubles are quite high, 
showing a lot of solids from heat, use, and oxidation. The TAN is 3.7, showing some acidity. Any operational issues with this TC?
OIL             Amsoil Severe Gear 75W140
MILES IN USE    10,000
MILES           54,400
SAMPLE TAKEN    05/02/14   

ALUMINUM        443
CHROMIUM        3
IRON            356
COPPER          17
LEAD            1
TIN             1
NICKEL          1        
MANGANESE       3        
SILVER          0        
TITANIUM        0        
BORON           50
SILICON         362
SODIUM          3
CALCIUM         1
ZINC            9
BARIUM          0      
SUS VIS 210ºF   112.0         
cSt @ 100ºC     23.14             
FUEL%           -
WATER           0
INSOLUBLES      1.0          
TBN             -
TAN             3.7

I really wish my parents would change the PTU fluid in their 2013 Focuscape. But, since the service advisor didn't tell them to, they won't.
Does the Fusion really require a 75W140 gear lube? I agree with Pablo, something strange going on here. Many Transfer units have high silicon/aluminum alloy cases.
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Thanks for the replies, let me start off with this. To date I have not seen ANY UOA's for ANY Ford PTU units. Ford uses the same PTU unit for the ford fusions, escapes, and edge SUV's. To change the fluid, i insert refridgerator tubing through the fill hole and manually pump out the fluid. Ford specs 0.8 pints of 75W140 as the factory fill for this unit, furthermore the manual states that this is a lifetime fill never needing service. When I change the fluid i pump out the old and pump back in Amsoil Severe Gear 75W140. Pretty straightforward. The problem is that we dont have any data to compare this to because nobody thinks about their PTU until it croaks, then they get it replaced. I'm all ears for thoughts, ideas, etc. Blackstone doesnt really know what to think either. Just as an FYI I have had and continue to have 0 operational issues with my car.
The only idea that comes to mind without seeing the actual transfer case exploded view and internals is that IF it has a breather tube, the breather tube may me injesting road dirt.
Don't worry. Without significant amount of data you are shooting in the dark if trying to draw any conclusions. Enjoy the car an enjoy life.
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The only idea that comes to mind without seeing the actual transfer case exploded view and internals is that IF it has a breather tube, the breather tube may me injesting road dirt.
I do know that the PTU has a vent tube that will spew gear oil when something goes bad, I thought that was a one way tube though? To address the last comment, I agree, there isn't enough data. Which is why I'm starting to document. I do enjoy my car and life, I also enjoy maintaining my car and learning about the manufacturers intended lifespan of my car while helping others to squeeze every last drop of life our of their vehicle.
Maintain it regularly and it will last. Keep an eye out for leaks. Try other 75w140s like Royalpurple, Redline, or Mobil1. Another option is to blend in some Amsoil SAE 190. PM or MIM gears grinding back into iron powder. So sad. Thrust loads causing case wear. Don't expect seals to last with all that grit circulating. Transfer case has tiny sump. Foolish lifetime fluid. Change it every 10-15k or until UOA shows drastic drop in iron. Check level halfway thru your interval and top off.
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