2012 Ford Fusion Sport Amsoil SS 5W-20 10,766

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Aug 17, 2012
Hey folks, as you noticed from the title, I drive a 2012 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. It gets a mix of HWY\City but mostly highway miles. I do tend to drive it a bit faster\aggressively than the general population but nothing excessive. One thing notable in this UOA compared to the last is the decrease in Iron. Ive run the Amsoil Signature Series 5W-20 in it for the last few changes. I had been thinking of going to the Amsoil 0W-20 for the higher VI since it gets pretty cold around here, but I got a really good deal off of Amazon on some 0W-20 Royal Purple\Filter that I couldn't pass up. Here is my most recent UOA
Comments: Remember the days not too long ago when you were running just 3,000 miles on the oil? What a waste! Okay,
well, not a waste for the factory oil because it had a lot of wear-in metal and silicon in it, but now that that stuff has
cleared out, you'd be throwing away good oil if you changed it every 3,000 miles. You're up to well over 10,000 miles
on the oil and everything here looks very good. Iron improved a bit -- which is unusual, but impressive -- and other
metals are steady enough to show no real issues. The TBN is still strong. Try for 12,000 miles. Nice!

OIL             Amsoil Signature Series 5W20
MILES IN USE    10,766
MILES           37,819
SAMPLE TAKEN    11/08/13   

ALUMINUM        7
CHROMIUM        1
IRON            20
COPPER          41
LEAD            1
TIN             0
NICKEL          1        
MANGANESE       7        
SILVER          0        
TITANIUM        0        
BORON           44
SILICON         18
SODIUM          17
CALCIUM         3298
MAGNESIUM       15
ZINC            676
BARIUM          1      
SUS VIS 210ºF   57.8         
cSt @ 100ºC     9.60             
FUEL%           <0.5
WATER           0.0
INSOLUBLES      0.2               
TBN             3.5
Here is the previous UOA...
Comments:This is the longest oil run yet for the 3.5L in your Fusion, and the only wear metal that noticed is iron. That's
normal. We expect iron to go up the longer you run the oil, and a reading of 28 ppm is still fine in our book. The other
metals look great so if iron doesn't bother you (it shouldn't!), then try for 12,000 miles next time. The oil can take it --
you've still got some active additive left with a 2.2 TBN. As you can see, the TBN doesn't drop in a straight line so you
may very well be able to do 15,000 miles after that. No fuel or coolant found. Nice engine.

OIL             Amsoil Signature Series 5W20
MILES IN USE    10,070
MILES           27,053
SAMPLE TAKEN    05/12/13   

ALUMINUM        7
CHROMIUM        1
IRON            28
COPPER          32
LEAD            0
TIN             0
NICKEL          1        
MANGANESE       6        
SILVER          0        
TITANIUM        0        
BORON           81
SILICON         16
SODIUM          30
CALCIUM         3314
MAGNESIUM       18
ZINC            754
BARIUM          1      
SUS VIS 210ºF   56.7         
cSt @ 100ºC     9.27             
FUEL%           <0.5
INSOLUBLES      0.3          
WATER           0     
TBN             2.2
Not sure this is the right 5w20 oil for your car. A shorter oci followed by a UOA should help find a one more suited for your engine. Universal averages would be a good start for comparison studies.
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Here is a LINK to the pdf of the UOA, sorry I forgot to post that. I did notice that copper was a little high. Blackstone is saying everything is good to go but from the poking around I've done around here looking at other peoples UOA's I feel like it should be better. My first two oil changes were using RP 5W-20 before I switched to Amsoil SS. I did notice a slight decrease in MPG after the switch, may or may not be related. Anyway I've since swapped over to RP 0W-20 so we'll see how that does.
My personal opinion is that if you going to change the oil out close to the factory recommend interval just use the recommended oil from the factory and save a few bucks, Ford has tested motorcraft for 10K OCI's and knows it will more than due to job of protecting your engine as well as any WSS approved oil.
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