2011 Mazda6, 2.5L I4, Valvoline Advanced 5W30, 7,998mi

Dec 26, 2007
Hey all,

Latest UOA from my 2011 Mazda6. This is my 3rd run of this oil. I mainly ran this UOA to check on the health of the engine and to see if there were any problems. I am driving a lot for work now - some weeks I do 1,000 miles and some days I drive up to 500 miles. I will need to look into Silicon numbers - any suggestions? Air filter has about 25,000 miles on it. I did change the valve cover gasket around 150,000 and I did use Permatex where the timing cover and engine block met. Could this be where Silicon is came from? I think I've done about 3 oil changes since the valve cover gasket was done.

10,000 miles is my next target - this gave me confidence the engine is doing well and no coolant is in the oil (I have sometimes had to top off my reservoir).

Other UOA samples were 0W20. Earliest UOA that you see below was with Mobil 1, then Kendall and then Pennzoil was my last UOA.

Now that she's got some miles on her I did switch to 5W30 around 150,000 miles.

Thanks for looking and any recommendations are appreciated!

oil report.JPG

Mazda UOA 2.jpg
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