2011 Hyndai Accent Fluid Choice?

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Oct 9, 2005
67K miles. Just purchased so history of changes unknown but my guess is never. Plan to drain and fill within the next month. May drop pan and change filter but a few of the pan bolts look difficult to get to. (May need to use a shop for that) I believe it has the A4AF3 trans. Candidates: 1. Hyundai or Kia SP III 2. Eneos SP (Available from NAPA) 3. Valvoline Multi Import 4. Castrol Multi Inport 5. Valvoline Max Life I have not priced option 1 yet but the other 4 are within the budget. Thought please? Also thoughts on using Lubegard Red in this trans? Thanks
Use stock everything. Pick a good 5W20, use the Hyundai filter and follow the recommendations of the factory manual, especially with automatic transmission fluids. These new DFI's and 6-speed transmissions want what the factory wants, especially if you have warranty left. I drove the DFI Accents since they came out and you really cannot go wrong hanging with what the factory has already put in.
SPIII isn't all that great of an ATF. I've never used stock anything on my kiahyundais and those that I've serviced, and it's not required. I'd recommend a couple drain/refills prior to dropping the pan. It's a good time to upgrade to full synthetic ATF.
There is no tranny filter to change. You can install a in-line filter (Magnifine) on the tranny cooler line from the radiator in you like. I did it on my two 2009 Sonatas. Also there are a few oil filter choices...OEM filter ( not the best filtration)Fram Ultra, Amsoil , Napa Synthetic filter... Im doing 15 000mile OCI now with Amsoil filter, a Fram Ultra and Amsoil in engine and tranny. The UOA shows excellant results.
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Redline D4.
Redline D4 is also an excellent choice and one of the ones with the actual 7.5 cSt KV100 which most don't get to. Also surely shear stable with their synthetic base oils too.
I use the hyundai ATF because if your transmission goes out for whatever reason (not even fluid related) they test for the oem fluid.. I was AT the dealer getting some tires mounted and they were denying a customer with a santa fe who had mobil 1 atf in it. SP III is not terrible its syn blend IIRC. Definitely not full synthetic. I do a drain and fill every year ~~15000 miles. only takes 2.5qts at a time. (2010 accent)
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Thanks for all the responses. I ended up deciding on Valvoline Multi Import and bought a gallon and did two drain and fills which left me a quart short. I was at NAPA getting an air filter for it and they did not have the multi import so I got a quart of the Eneos SP to finish the fill. The car is out of warranty so no issue. Hyundai has the 100k power train warranty however this does not transfer to the new owner when the vehicle is sold used which I did not find out until after I bought. Still upset I did not know that prior to buying but that is my fault and too late now. Now I need to decide on the oil to use. Thinking about Mobil AFE 0w-30 or PP 5w-30 with either a wix or OEM filter. I know the cap says 5w-20 but the manual indicates 5w-20, 5w-30, or 10w-30 are acceptable. This thing just holds 3.5 qts.
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