2011 FIT : 7,050+ mis. : Change oil or wait ?

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Apr 27, 2010
Getting the itch to drain factory oil and change filter before old man winter decides to kick in . We picked up the new bottles of HONDA 0w-20 (SN) and the better oil filter . The weather has been warmer and drier . Not looking forward to an outdoor oil change in mid > late December . Oil life is still 50% , likely closer to 40 at 7,050+ miles . Last , is the factory fill thicker due to the lathering of moly to the pistons and other internal parts ? This is new to us , always had TOYOTAs before . Thanks .
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Wait a couple weeks until the weather report gives you a nice weekend forecast and change it around 8k or whatever.
He's in NY and it's midish November. The weather is only going to get worse real soon grin. Whimsey
This weekend looks good . Near 60 for both days . Following week looks like showers and low to upper 40s. Should have close to 7,300 miles by Saturday or Sunday . Last , could we expect a little better gas mileage with the drain of the factory oil and the replacement with the HONDA full syn 0w-20(SN) ?
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Usually drive about 15 miles before the O.C.. 20 or more miles when doing an U.O.A.. The other 1/2 gets a say too ( her car ) . May have to get a panel of 6 to work out the deal. laugh
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Last , could we expect a little better gas mileage with the drain of the factory oil and the replacement with the HONDA full syn 0w-20(SN) ?
No. My wife averages 37mpg in her fit, and her best mileage was when it was new and had the factory fill. I think the FF oil is thinner even than the Honda 20wt, almost a 10wt (~7.5cst). But I don't really think that's the reason for mileage gains, your gas pedal will determine 99.9% of how much gas you put in the tank over the long run.
Since you have a weekend of nice weather coming, change it then. 7K+ is plenty for the FF. Or, run it longer and then change it when it's really cold. I know which I'd do. If you intend to do future changes according to the OLM, you might want to drain the next change at 7-8K and UOA it just to see how it holds up. Some UOAs reveal that the oil is done well before the mileage you'd reach to 0%, although this depends upon both the engine and how it's driven of course.
Change it. The weather is only getting worse the later you wait. Our UOA showed that we could run out the OLM on our Fit.
Changed it before going to dinner . There was 7,129 miles on it and oil life at 40% . It's the Honda synthetic 0w-20 (SN) and A01 ( Filtech ) oil filter . She reset the oil life monitor and logged it in the service history manual . Poured in 3 quarts and 26 ounces . Plan to keep tabs for any leaks of oil filter or drain plug . Never changed oil for a HONDA before . Was a bit more messy than the YARIS due to the plastic guard being so close to the drain plug . Used window cleaner with paper towels to clean up the oil from the guard and from the engine block where oil runs down when removing the oil filter . You'd be surpised how well ammonia cuts through / dilutes motor oil .
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I'm gonna change out the FF in my grandmothers Malibu tomorrow with some PP 5W-30 and whatever filter I can find. She has 7,400 miles on the FF, including two trips up to see us in NY. I'm gonna have her bring it over my grandfathers house (She is my dad's mom, we are staying at my mom's dad's) because he has a heated garage.
Heated garage ! Must be nice !!! Getting leftovers served with that O.C.? I picture a drumstick in one hand and a wrench in the other . Just don't mistakenly put gravy in the engine . laugh
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Heck yeah. Leftovers, and PECAN PIE. I LOVE Pecan pie. lol. He doesn't use the garage heater often, it's an old Reznor gas unit, he only uses it when he has a reason to.
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