2011 Civic 1.8 - Havoline 0w-20, or Magnatec?

Jul 8, 2021
Car runs 5w-20, thought I'd run 0w20 now since there's no point otherwise for the 5w. Last oil change had the Pennzoil high-mileage blend, so what should I add to the oil to help maintain that high-mileage formula? Would a bottle of 5w-20 high-mileage whatever be suffice?

The Havoline and Magnatec are the exact same price for the 5qt jugs, and am not sure which to go with.
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Any 5w20 or 0w20 will be fine for your Civic. The R18 is not picky at all :)

For cars like yours with the maintenance minder, I like to use the cheapest synthetic on sale for the OCI suggested by the computer
Thanks for the welcome. Just seeing which one would maybe make the engine quieter, or use slightly less oil (it's a combo of a super small leak somewhere, and a tiny bit of burning on the side).
Spend a little more get Valvoline Maxlife either go cheaper with 5w20 red bottles or go synthetic with Advance Maxlife.