2010 Honda Pilot, 3.5, 30k on engine, 5,4k on QSUD

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Dec 10, 2008
Schaumburg, IL
60% highway. Due to the problems with the 3.5, I think I'll stick with 5-6k oil changes. This was QSUD 5W20 w/ Bosch filter. Refilled with PU and a Bosch D+. From Blackstone: Your Honda engine is slowly dropping the highlights and with any luck the next sample will be perfect. As it stands, the engine is wearing a little more at steel parts than we'd like, but we doubt that's from a serious problem. If this engine sees a lot of idling, then iron at this level may very well turn out to be normal. The oil seems to be holding up just fine, based on the normal viscosity, low insolubles and strong TBN of 3.5. Try going up to 7,000 miles for your next oil run. We'll keep an eye on iron. Alum: 6 Chrom: 1 Iron: 32 Copper: 18 Lead: 1 Tin: 1 Moly: 36 Nickel: 0 Mangan: 1 Silver: 0 Titanium: 0 Potassium: 2 Boron: 3 Sodium: 105 Calcium: 2035 Magnesium: 58 Phosphorus: 602 Zinc: 714 Baruim: 0 SUS Vis: 513 cSt Visc: 7.67 Flashpoint: 370 Fuel %: 0.5 Antifrz, Water, Insol: 0 TBN: 3.5
Nice looking report. I've been feeding ours a steady diet of either 0w-20 or 5w-20 PP and changing when the MM hits 50%, which is around 5,000 to 6,000 miles.
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