2009 Toyota Camry Motorcraft 5W-20 partial syn UOA

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Jan 31, 2004
2nd change from new
Wife's car 2009 Camry Motorcraft Partial Synthetic oil 5W-20
5,600 miles
That's a lower TBN than I would've expected. Kind of makes me wish I'd done UOAs earlier in my engine's life, out of curiosity, to see if the early OCIs were harder on the oil.
You have to do 5k mile OCI's to maintain the warranty, don't you?

I'd stick with this oil, it has a great add-pack, just stay at 5k mile OCI's.
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You have to do 5k mile OCI's to maintain the warranty, don't you?

Not sure

I hope this does better than this after some more miles on engine after all it's a partial synthetic.

I could go 7000+ with even cheaper Shell formula 5W-30 oil in the last car and 3.0 V6 Honda. TBN = 0.9

I'm a little disappointed in the low TBN

The scary part is I'm at 9,100 OCI mile in my '08 Honda Fit and the Mileage Monitor still says 30%.... I do a lot of engine off gliding (P&G w/ FAS) so it's not 9,100 miles with eng running. I plan to let it eat till 15%, per owner manual and than test it and post results for all to look at.
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to keep warranty work with TOYOTA need to change oil / filter every 5,000 miles or less . Also , if 5,000 miles not accumulated in 6 months , needs to be changed . There's a booklet that came with the CAMRY that explains the different warranties and what needs to be done to keep it . Keep all receipts for oil and filter , along with the dates they were performed . This includes air filter , etc..
Seems like the number of UOAs I'm noticing in this forum for MC 5W-20 with low TBNs is increasing.
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