2009 Kia Spectra, 6,250 miles,on Mobil 1 5-20

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Feb 3, 2012
Denver CO

Blackstone reports too much iron and a little too much aluminum in my last two samples.
There were 43,750 miles on the car at the time of the most recent sample The most recent is 6,250 miles on Mobil 1 5-20. The previous sample was 7,500 miles on Pennzoil Platinum 5-20. The first two samples apparently showed no excess iron in runs of slightly less than 5,000 miles. The very first sample was with Car Quest 5-20 oil and the second was with Motorcraft 5-20 synthetic blend. I drive many short trips to the public transit station (1.5 miles each way) three or four times a week. I barely average 9,000 miles a year. I use OEM Kia oil and air filters.

On the plus side, my engine uses virtually no oil between changes. I've never had to add oil and I check it at the same gas station every two weeks.

Any ideas of why I'm getting so much iron and what should I do about it?

Mobil 1 6,250 Pennz Platinum 7,500 Motorcraft Syn Blend
IRON 32 43 18 14

ALUMINUM 6 6 4 2

SILICON 11 9 13 14

SODIUM 8 22 56 254

CALCIUM 1,442 2,456 2.041 1,588

MAGNESIUM 607 12 11 13

FUEL, WATER Trace for fuel and zero for water and antifreeze in each sample.

Viscosities and Flashpoints were all below limits in all samples.

TBN 3.1 1.3 2.4
It could just be an attritube of the extreme short tripping.

While your numbers are elevated, i don't think the 40 ppm iron alone is cause to worry about the engine not living a healthy life. Steady trends are good.
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what were the visc and flashpoints?

Severe service = shorter oil change interval

Hows the air filter?

Silicon is pretty steady, i think the air filter is doing its job, but moving up to a better oil filter won't hurt.

Try a Fram Ultra.
32ppm in 6,250 miles of short trips is no big deal IMO. Even the 43 in 7500 is fine. Keep doing what you're doing - the TBN #'s are good - the oil is doing it's job, keep it topped off. I'd save money on UOA's for a while. Check it after 80k if you want.
Flashpoints are:

Mobil 1 = 385 Pennzoil Platinum = 385

SUS Viscosity @ 210

Mobil 1 = 50.9 Pennzoil Platinum = 52.1

cST Viscosity @ 100

Mobil 1 = 7.54 Pennzoil Platinum = 8.00

The air filter is fine. Last time I had the old changed at shop, I asked the mechanic to check and see if there were any loose connections in the air intake system. He said he found none.
I would try a 0w or 5w-30 and run a similar mileage run and do another UOA and see if it makes a difference. Stay with the OEM filters so they don't skew the result. They are good filters. If it were me, I would give Mobil 1 AFE 0w-30 a try. Run it 6250 and pull a sample and see what it shows.

(running a 0w-30 WILL NOT affect any warranty you may still have)
It looks as if going beyond 5k is killing the oil. At 5000 miles on CarQuest oil, Iron was 14. At 6250 miles, PP made 32 Iron. 1.25x the miles making 2.5x the iron? There is a break point in there somewhere.

Is this a DI engine?
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Engine or driving habits are pushing the oil.
Don't run the current fill past 5k.

Definitely give a 0w30 or 5w30 try.

Any consumption or topping off?
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