2009 Indy 500 Log

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Jun 30, 2004
Speedway, IN
Greetings all! The festivities leading up to the 2009 Indianapolis 500 have begun and the month is officially in gear. Saturday morning saw the start of the fun with the annual 500 mini-marathon through the streets of Indianapolis, the highlight of the course taking the runners around the famed 2.5 mile oval. 2009 is the 100th anniversary of the Indianaposis Motor Speedway (the first 500 was held two years later) and to celebrate the Centennial, they had a balloon festival, marking the balloons that floated around IMS 100 years prior. My wife has posted on her blog the entire weekend here.

This year I hope to give you all some interesting pics. I purchased this thing from the speedway called a "bronze badge". For $100, I get access to the speedway every day except race day AND (this is the cool part) it gets me access to Gasoline Alley where I can hang outside the garages all day. I expect to be back there roaming around more than I'll be in the stands. I'll post any updates here throughout the month.
Man am I jealous....

Thanks in advance for ANYTHING you can post.

Glad to see that Paul Tracy will be in the race. I've been missing him in the races last year and this one.

Thanks again! Bill

Love to see John Andretti, Mario looks great and one of my favorites, 2002 winner Paul Tracy.

Nice photos. THANKS!
I think he did have to.

Looking forward to the race this year. I've watched it most of my life but sadly once the CART/Indycar wars started, It was not my highest priority to watch.

It should be a good race!

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2002 winner Paul Tracy.

didn't he have to go to rookie orientation this year again?

He did participate in ROP, but I think they have this thing called a refresher course that he took part in on Tuesday. It was funny when he had his press conference regarding coming to Indy, a reporter asked him if he'd participate in ROP and PT's reply was "Former winners don't have to"...or something along those lines. He was really cool yesterday. Five or six of us were hanging outside his garage & he strolled out (that's where I got the pic) and signed what we had and went back in.

Thanks so much for all of these great pics and sharing with us. I love that cut away Target car. Very interesting.

How's the Covair doing?

Back from Pole Day and a new batch of 140+ photos for your viewing pleasure! Still working on captions while I watch Darlington.

Pole Day Pics

Johnny, Corvair's running GREAT. Had to rebuild both carbs after winter storage. I got rebuild kits and my dad & I got them back together, but it just wouldn't run right. We tried everything...even putting on some spare carbs he had. I finally broke down and got two from a professional Corvair carb rebuilder. Dad stopped by & put them on while I was playing at the track Friday, and I got them dialed in when I got back. Took some tweaking, but she's purring fine right now.
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WOW...what a Bump Day! The crowd went nuts when John Andretti qualified with less than 5 minutes to go...couldn't have happened to a better guy. Bump Day pics are here .

Also, I've got video that I shot from John's garage in Gasoline Alley upon his arrival from the media center following his qual. That is here.
Pennzoil's sponsership of him a few years ago helped keep yellow bottles in my shopping cart. Right after the CART split, John Menard and Quaker State, AJ Foyt and Valvoline, and Andretti and Havoline kept the IRL going. I am not surprised cheaper, sturdier cars brought everybody back.

So where is John Menard?
Here's a note for any of you within a short day's drive to Indy. Wednesday is "Community Day" at the speedway. $7 admission gets you access to most of the grounds and the best part is that you can drive YOUR car for a lap around the famed 2 1/2 mile oval. Full details are here.
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Are there any American Made engines from GM/Ford of Cyrysler??

Only Honda powered. They are the official power plant of all teams.
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