2008 VW Golf GT Sport, 15000kms OCI (est)

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Jan 10, 2012
Just bought this car, thought I'd do a UOA before I serviced it. Unknown oil, OCI 15000kms approx I'm pretty happy with it, let me know what you think! Hendo
I don't know anything about that engine, but it looks like wear metals are not bad at all for (approximately) 9.5k miles. Fe at 1ppm/1k miles is not bad at all! And contamination is nicely low. Looks like a good engine you've bought. Is this a diesel? Soot seems very low for such. Is this an engine similar to what we'd know as the "TDI" in the States?
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Hi DNewton Yes it's a TDI, EA188 BMN engine code. 125kw diesel. This diesel is one lf the last PD TDIs and one of the first to have dpf, I'm not sure if that helps with soot? I must stress that I don't know how many Ks the oil had, I changed it at the Ks the sticker said and assumed one factory OCI of 15K kms. I'll test again in another 15!
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