2008 VW 2.5 i5 G30 FF, DexCool replacement?

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Jul 19, 2009
Detroit, MI
Getting ready to replace the antifreeze in pur 08 2.5l gas Beetle. Looks like G30 was FF, Zerex says DexCool for replacement. Is this cotrect? Do I use the DexCool fluid or something like G05?
Pretty sure it was a G12 / + / ++ type.

Go to the dealer and get the right stuff. Some of these chemistries passivate the surfaces really well so Id not want to be playing chemist.
Factory fill was G12++. The replacement for this is the current G13. This is what you want to use. Don't get Dex-Cool or G-05 or any of the other OTC products. If you don't have a dealer nearby then mail-order it.

G13 - it's purple and the best coolant on planet earth.
I tried to edit my previous post but time ran out. Here's my adendum to my previous post:

Directly from the chemistry department at Wolfsburg University (ok, I'm embellishing):

G-11 (the old blue stuff) can be mixed with G-12+
G-12 can be mixed with G-12+
G-12+ can be mixed G11, G12, and G12+
G-12++ can be mixed with all "G" coolants (G11, G12, G12+, G12++, G13)
G-13 can be mixed with all "G" coolants


For the record, Glysantin (BASF) is the OEM developer and producer for VW/Audi coolants, hence the "G" in the current nomenclature. In North America, all VW/AUDI coolants are produced by Zerex (Ashland Chemical) under authority of BASF. The nonsense that we read about Pentosin being the OEM supplier is simply that - nonsense.

Rundown of VW/Audi coolant standards (norms):

G-11 = TL-774C
G-12 = TL-774D
G-12+ = TL-774F
G-12++= TL-774G
G-13 = TL-774J

If you don't purchase from VW or other suppliers then at the very minimum you should verify that the product you purchase lists the correct VW 'norm' on the bottle for your application. If you want G12++ and the product isn't listed as G12++, at a minimum it should state that it meets VW norm TL-774G. But again, use G13 (TL-774J)

G-13 Die Glückszahl für Ihren Motor!
I wonder then why does Zerex recommend DexCool?

The VW dealer told me that the antifreeze is $67 a gallon, and that it is Pentofrost ++.

Napa has this Pentofrost ++ At $50 a gallon. It is still going to cost a fortune to change this antifreeze.

This site "blauparts" says that Etheylne glycol can not be used in VW cooling systems, and that "monoethylene glycol" must be used... Is there anything that is normal on a VW? I'm starting to like my domestic and Asian cars better each day lol
That's crazy talk. Blauparts has Ravenol G13 listed at $15.89/1.5 liters. At the very most you'll need two of these along with an equal amount of distilled water.

1.5 liters = .4 gallons.

OEM VW coolant, part number G013A8J1G (1 beautiful gallon of glorious G-13) lists for only $24 so I don't know who's dropping the ball here. Walk in and offer them $20 for a gallon and I can nearly guarantee they'll take it. Wholesale is 17 bucks so they're still profitting nicely.
NAPA sells five liters of the G12+ made in Germany packaged as Vaico

Meets VW G 012 A8F A1 / VW TL 774 F/D, VW G 012 A8G M1 / MB 325.3 / OE: 000 989 08 25 98, GM 6277 M /
MAN 324 Typ SNF / Ford WSS-M 97B44-D specs.

Part Number: AIC 600070


Picture is of a 1.5 liter container

I bought some coolant for VW for daughters 2008 jetta 2.5. It was about 25 a gallon about two years ago. I just checked on Amazon, found it for for 29 with free shipping. part # G012A8G1G
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