2008 Port Injected EcoTec 2.4L will VPBR help oil consumption

Dec 19, 2019
Muncie, Indiana
I take care of the oil on a 2008 Malibu with the port injected Eco Tec 2.4L, it's consuming like a quart every 1000 miles, it's only got like 95k on it, I know that some of the later direct injected models had an extended warranty or recall or something for oil consumption, but I can't zone in on what exactly would be the culprit whether the OC rings are wearing out or the honing pattern on the block gets destroyed or if the rings just get really gummed up. I have some Valvoline Premium Blue Restore that I got on the cheap I could dump in there for the next OCI but does anyone think it'd actually help or do you think the rings or the honing pattern are probably damaged and the VPBR would just be a waste.