2008 Nissan Titan - NGK Spark plugs and NGK Coil on Plug Boot?


Aug 17, 2014
I have a 2008 Nissan Titan I purchased several years ago. The truck had a little over 100k miles when I bought it. I don't know the history regarding all the previous maint done. I have done all the things you can do other than spark plugs,brakes,and suspension parts. This is a totally stock truck that currently has 146k miles and running strong!

My question is if I replace all 8 spark plugs should I also install new coil on plug boots?

As a lot of you prob. are, you wanna buy excellent quality parts and at the best price.

For 8 NGK (58913) CPB-N002 Coil on Plug Boots $79.92​

I also found TRQ Engine Ignition Coil Boot Kit Set of 8 Part# ‎ICA30400 for $38.45 + Life time warranty.

I would be very grateful for as much feed back as possible. Thanks!
It couldn't hurt to replace the boots, they're probably still good, but you might look at Rock Auto, they have the NGK boots for $5.40/ea and NGK Ruthenium plugs for your car for $8.11/ea, also remember to use 189036619171600071 for 5% off.
I've never replaced boots on COP engines unless there's visually something wrong with them. Like sometimes they come off the coil while trying to remove it and you have to retrieve them with pliers which tears them up.

If they come right off the plug and stay with the coil (which they do 99% of the time in my experience) give them a good look over and if they are in serviceable condition, I see no reason to buy new ones.
i hope plugs are easier than my 2011 fronty V-6 + IMO although todays plugs are rated for high miles they get to be LESS than optimal much sooner.
Nissan OE plugs are NGK Iridium. I have considered trying E3 Spark Plugs. Any thoughts?
Nissan OE plugs are NGK Iridium. I have considered trying E3 Spark Plugs. Any thoughts?
I'd stick with NGK Iridium or the new Ruthenium plugs that are supposed to be better than iridium, compared to the OE double fine wire iridium plugs the Ruthenium ones are actually cheaper.
Nissan OE plugs are NGK Iridium. I have considered trying E3 Spark Plugs. Any thoughts?
Why? What do you feel they offer compared to NGK or Denso?

MHO is to stick with the original brand and type of plugs.
I have had very bad experiences using NGK ignition components other than plugs. Had the wires fail twice in a year on my moms civic. And yes, I know how to route wires correctly, a long with wire loom.
And their coils, I had two out of 8 fail very quickly on my BMW.. Less that 20k for first, less than 50k on the second.
I'm confused! Which one does my truck require ?


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not a fan of exotic metals in plugs as although they last longer conductivity is reported to be poorer, BUT all my vehicles have been EZE BUT prolly not for my V-6 fronty!!!