2008 Dodge 3500 Cummins bypass??

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Jul 23, 2005
Is there anyone who has a recommendation as to what bypass system to run on these trucks? I am concerned about the soot levels these (and all light truck) engines accumulate.
Frankly, I believe all the major brands (Amsoil, MG, Frantz, Gulf Coast, F/S2500, Oil Guard, etc) all work more than well enough for the application.

While I do believe there are some small differences, and particle counts would reveal these, the reality is that ALL of them filter down well past what is necessary to address what you're concerned about. They all filter with absolute efficiency far below 3um, and that is well below the typical range of damage from most particles (5-15um is the commonly accepted range).

I always suggest one picks a bypass filter based upon initial costs, maintenance costs, ease of installation, ease of service, etc. Comparing the efficiency of the bypass fitlers is a moot point; they are all so good that your engine will never know the difference, performance wise.
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It comes down to frequency of service and (some) make up oil.

A MG/Frantz has cheap media that can't be beat ..but you'll service it frequently. To some variable amount, you'll add make up oil depending on how much is allowed to drain before swapping the roll out.

A spin-on like Amsoil's will last a long time, but will be expensive to replace.

Cartridge filters and housings can and do come in various sizes.

What leanings do you have in your lifestyle when it comes to maintenance of this truck? Are you going to be tweaking it every 10 minutes, anyway? If so, then you need an MG/Frantz setup in the worst way. Not that it requires that much attention, but "while you're there" ..it adds nothing but more reasons for you to tinker with it. Not a bad thing at all.

If you're someone who leans more toward "set it and forget it" ..then you want a long endurance filter that delivers fine filtering where your time tinkering is exchanged for a few more dollars (exclusive of make up fluids for the tp roll exchanges).
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