2008 5.7 hemi

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Jan 27, 2009
Bismarck, ND
heres a question, i wasnt sure if this was the right thread. but here it goes, does anyone know how bad this engine shears oil. its in a ram half ton with an auto and 4 wheel drive. but i have yet to see any uoa's. i was just curious cuz im getting ready to switch my dad's truck to synthetic here soon. i do 6k oci in it. mostly city type driving.
You have to run 5W-20 in the HEMI's because of the MDS system - MDS will not work properly with different weight oils and can even throw a code. I have a 2008 HEMI and it runs perfect on Castrol Syntec 5W-20.
Just about every oil shears. The most shearing I have seen take place from castorl gtx 5W-20, but it sheared from a high 20WT to a mid range 20WT. I would not worry about this at all. BTW why do you perfer to use a synthetic.
Also I had a 06 RAM with a 5.7 and used whatever 5W-20 conventional that was on sale. Chevron, Valvoline, Castorl, Pennzoil. For 6K OCI synthetic is a waste of $$$ IMHO. I would be more concerned on what copper spark plugs I would use for you 30K tune up then shearing.
Don't sweat it. Run any quality synthetic 5W-20 you want for 6K and you are good.

I have an 08 1/2 ton with the 5.7L myself plus I had an 04. The HEMI is not hard on oil unless you pound on it and then it would be like any vehicle that sees high RPM/tow and haul use.
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5W-20 shears less than other oils b/c of the 'narrower' spread. a synthetic 5W-20, even less.

Just pick whatever 5W-20 syn you like and run 6k. Truck will last longer than you want it to......
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