2008 138k miles TaurusX-what to look for?

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Aug 22, 2014
Hi, what should i look for? looks pretty clean. i know they have a 3.5 engine and automatic, not CVT like Freestyle/500. how expensive could be tires, brakes, other? this is AWD. this could be my first ford after my '95 mercury mystique. many thanks long time guest lurker here, finally made the courage to register. you guys and gals are a bunch... (good one)
Look to see if oil is leaking from the a/c compressor. They tend to leak on those vehicles and are expensive to replace.
thanks for the answer by any chance is the ac compressor similar to freestyle? i remember some fix on the freestyle forums.... i moved, so i live in an apartment building now, so will have to outsource to mechanics most of the repairs....
I would have a professional mechanic or dealer give it an evaluation. Usually you can get that done for $100-150.
Correct the AC compressor is a huge weak point on these cars which are otherwise very reliable and trouble free. You can almost bet on it that the compressors will fail on these cars within 75k miles. It is likely that the compressor in the car you are looking at was replaced some time ago. If that is the case you are good to go. I wonder if there is any way to tell the original AC compressor from a Ford factory replacement?
the A/C compressor in the 2008-2009 Taurus/Sable/Taurus X is not the same leak prone model in the 2005-2007 Five Hundred/Montego/Freestyle. that was one of the Many changes they made. Dad had/ my Sister now has an AWD Freestyle, and it did tend to use up tires a little faster than the tread life rating. in our case like 30,000 mi. though when Looked at tire reviews for awd freestyles, some claimed their cars would chew through tires in 1/2 that...
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