2007 Tahoe/Yukon

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Aug 20, 2003
Whos driving one? My wife is in need of a new vehicle and we're looking at the Tahoe/Yukons. Shes currently driving a '99 S-10 Blazer and we need more room than it provides. Shes concerned that it will be too big to drive around Seattle. Its funny that shes driven my Moms Yukon around Seattle and never had any problems at all. What are your likes or dislikes?
What? You live in Seattle and you don't own a Subaru (or two)??? My wife drives a 2001 Yukon XL, and, while it's not the same as the newer models, I can tell you that we really like the vehicle. The *MAJOR* downside is the fuel economy, especially when you're driving in town. It sucks SO MUCH gas driving around town that we make a special effort to avoid driving it if we can. It usually sits in the driveway, undriven, for a week or longer. I know the newer body styles are *supposed* to get better fuel economy, but I'd be very skeptical about that. And how much more? One or two miles per gallon at best? Plus, real world numbers are almost always lower than what the sticker's EPA rating shows. And the price! Yikes! We bought ours used (and in flawless condition) and saved a TON of money. So, maybe it's worth waiting a year or so if you can hold out that long. You'll save enough money to pay for the gas. [Smile]
The new vehicles have cylinder deactivation, which really helps with highway mileage. To get the benefits, though, you have to be able to stay at a steady cruising speed. With what I hear about Seattle traffic, that might not be possible. I really, REALLY like the looks of these new trucks, both inside and out. I think GM made a big leap forward in that regard, especially WRT interior fit and finish. I've gotten to sit in a new Yukon w/ black exterior and black leather interior and, let me tell you, it was absolutely gorgeous. GM has a good reputation for making quality trucks. Now that they've added some style to them, I think they have a real winner. Unfortunately, though, the timing of the release of these is bad WRT fuel prices.
IMO, the Tahoe takes the prize for looks. I'm not terribly fond of the upright headlights on the Yukon...but this is 100% personal preference.  -
That's because she probably knows how much they cost and any car feels fine to drive when it's not yours. I'd look at the Honda Pilots. We almost got one in lieu of the Accord, but thought about do we REALLY need one when we have a 01 F150 Supercrew sitting in the driveway???
The Pilots are also on our list, as is the Odyssey. I like the looks of the Pilot,but don't know how well they'll tow our boat. Its 20' long and weighs right at 4400lbs ready to tow. I tow it now with my 2500HD,but it would be nice to be able to drive a a comfier rig when I'm towing the boat. I don't know the exact numbers,but I'd bet with 3.73s and the 5.3 liter engine the Tahoe would be rated to tow in excess of 7000lbs. I don't like to be right on the ragged edge of tow rating when hauling my boat or trailer around.
Originally posted by thooks: Have you Googled "Price of barrel of oil" lately and seen the forecasts for 12 months from now?
I haven't looked but we aren't too concerned with the cost of fuel. It's something we have to have,so we don't see the need to lay in bed at night worrying about the price of fuel. If it costs an extra $20 to fill the tank,thats the price you have to pay to play.
I love the looks of the new big GM SUV's. I just wouldn't buy the first year. If you lease, the first year is fine since all the repair costs will be taken care of by the warranty. If you buy, I'd wait 'till the second or third year for them to work the new model bugs out.
I've done some looking and the Pilot is out. The only engine option is the 3.5 liter V-6 and its only rated to tow 4500lbs. Too close to maxed out for my tastes.
Just an FYI... The Z71 models start production sometime late this year. Then in 2008 they are coming out with the hybrid's.
I've driven the new Yukon and found it to be much better than the previous version, which is still a very good SUV. Steering, braking, road noise, seat comfort, etc are all improved. Having said that, '06 Yukons and Tahoes are dropping in price in the used market. I'd imagine big SUV's are ultra-passe nowadays in Seattle so you might be able to pick up a nice almost-new one for a killer price. Either way, old or new, they're a great choice if you need something of this size.
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