2007 Tacoma V6 - M1-EP 5W-30 - 9447 mi/13 mos.

Jul 8, 2012
Dickson, TN.
This truck has never had anything but some variety of M1 in it, ever since I bought it new in June 2007 and did the first oil change, myself, using M1 vanilla. I have also done every subsequent oil change. And, since about 60-70K, it’s had exclusively M1-EP 5W-30 or 10W-30. And mostly Fram Ultra filters.

Wear metals cleaned up this go-round. Went 9447 miles and 13 mos on the oil - not that much less miles than the last time, in 2019, but things certainly look better.

Can’t really say that a whole lot is different as far as my usage of the truck. It’s been my daily driver for 14 years as of last month. I did own a 2016 WRX from March 2016 to about April of 2019, so I drove that car to work occasionally, and rarely made any road trips in the Tacoma during that time. So, it sat more.

And I haven’t made any road trips in the Tacoma now since around August of 2019 when my then-fiancée moved here and we started taking her car when we went on trips.

Usage of the truck now is to commute back and forth to work, which is 18 miles, almost all of which is freeway driving. Any road trips we do, are in the wife’s 4Runner, and we usually take that when we’re running around town on week ends. Now and then, I do run a short-trip errand in the truck. But it nearly always gets up to operating temp when I drive it.

What’s changed now is that I don’t do much, if any, idling now, as my work schedule has changed (used to idle the truck for at least an hour a week while sitting in it having breakfast before work at 6 am. Now I’m on night shift, so I don’t idle it before work).

Truck runs great, and I just installed, on Friday, OEM Toyota (Bilstein) front coil-overs and rear shocks that came off a 2021 Tacoma TRD Off-Road with less than 400 miles (the guy put a lift on it as soon as he bought it). I paid $375 (he was selling for $200, but I had to pay for shipping from Las Vegas). Unfortunately it wasn’t the life-changing improvement I’d hoped for, but it did help with the ride and handling. And it sits about an inch higher at the front end now. That stuff was direct bolt-on.

It does have some seeping oil from the timing cover, and a little weeping at the valve covers, but it’s never been bad enough for a drop to hit the ground. Eventually I’ll take care of those.

The most pressing issue it has is paint failure on the roof from sitting outside for the last 8 years. Just today, some water from a hard rainstorm leaked out of the overhead compass/temp display. It got in at the top windshield seal. Need to address that ASAP.

I am very happy with the truck. I originally bought it to haul motorcycles around in. Being married now, with a 6-month-old and another kid due 2-22-22, I’ve got my hands full and haven’t been doing any motorcycle riding. But I’ve gotten a ton of use out of the truck (heck, I’ve spent more in fuel than I originally paid for it!), and have no plans to get rid of it.

It uses no oil.

Im glad the engine seems to still be in great shape, internally!

EDIT: Sorry the photo of the report sucks. If anyone knows how to post a better pic, let me know. I’ve always found it to be a PITA to post reports on this site.

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You might want to check your injectors. I think it’s cylinder 5 or 6 that tend to stick/leak. That might be contributing to your fuel dilution.
If you can get on a computer google ‘pdf to jpg’ and there are sites (or even browser extensions) that’ll convert the report to an image so it’s easier to upload. Then of course edit out your details using Paint or something.

Still learning but that looks great for a 9k OCI. Looks like the switch is working well for you. Have to do my Dad’s Camry soon. Used M1 AFE last time. Might try EP and a longer OCI.