2007 Honda Accord Transmission fluid changes

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Feb 11, 2008
Just wanted to give my experiences on a 2007 Honda Accord I bought with 92k miles on it. When I started changing the fluids in it I was pretty sure the Trans fluid had never been changed. It still looked fairly good and I settled on Valvoline maxlife for the AFT fluid. I ran 8 qts though it over a period of about 250 miles. The Trans drain plug looked fairly clean for 92k miles. I also changed the transmission filter on top of the engine. Transmission shifted very smooth before the change. Since then I have put about 4000k miles on it. Started noticing harder and harder shifts. Also it seemed say a little too long in gear on downshifts. Started reading more and more that the 2007 and older Honda and Hondas that came with ATF-Z1 had the best shifting with Z1. I debated on what to try next. I felt DW-1 was not going to be right for a 2007. Also wanted to match Z1 as close as possible. Was going to try Amsoil when I found a Z1 replacement. It is called Idemitsu Type H and claim it’s a Z1 fluid just for Hondas not a universal fluid. Tried it and ran 7 quarts though it over a period of 100 miles. Night and day diffence, it is shifting like before. Smooth but crisp and downshifts are normal. One thing I noticed is that the drain plug after 4000k miles on maxlife looked just as dirty with 92k on Z1. I would urge anyone with an older Honda that came with Z1 to use it. I would not even tempt DW1. Valvoline is a good fluid and so is DW1 but I think something peculiar in the older Hondas. Even anyone wants to know where to get Idemitsu Type H let me know. I got it for $90 shipped for 12 qts.
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I don't think Honda dealers stock Z1 anymore as DW-1 is the preferred replacement and is backward-compatible. My '99 Acura came with Z1 and worked just fine with DW-1. You are correct in that Honda automatics are a little unusual and don't take kindly to non-OEM fluids. But DW-1 is an OEM fluid and is very similar to Z1 except for a higher synthetic component, which should be a good thing.
Honda had problems with transmission failures which I understood lead to revised ATF. I would stick to the OEM current recommendation.
Have not had a similar experience with two Hondas, 01 Civic and 07 Accord 3.0L specing Z1. Ran Z1 in Civic till ~165k mi. and Z1 superseded. Then went to ML and 50k later still shifting fine, no issues. Accord went to ML at ~50k now 15k later, also shifting fine, no issues. If you check CarComplaints.com, 01 Civic AT is at the top. As regards shear stability, Z1 was nothing special. But if it's working for you use it. ML has worked fine for me and a value on top of it.
thanks, just giving my reviews. Wish I could keep it but gonna sell next year. I like the EX features..
Your car isn't old. My 2005 CR-V is older. I used Z-1, then Amsoil for 30k, and now DW-1 for the past 100k. Zero issues. I highly doubt your potential issues are caused by DW-1.
I use DW-1 in my 04 element with no complaints. It is backward compatible, no reason to worry. From H and A Honda: Note: 2011 and newer Hondas come with DW-1 from the factory, DW1 is Honda's replacement for the old Z1 ATF and is fully compatible/mixable with the old Z1 ATF.
My 2004 came with Z1 obviously, and I switched to DW1 as soon as it was available. I have a UOA of each ATF and you cannot tell the difference. At 170k, mine still shifts like new. But I drop/refill 3qts every year no matter what. I got in this habit after seeing all my Honda's mated with V6's needed a ATF refresh at 15k per UOA's, which was about one year. So while DW1 is really good for Honda's, if you have a V6, "refresh" the ATF yearly.
I noticed little difference moving the Z1>>DW1. Its been two years and shifts smoothly as always in my 5 speed 07 MDX.
I don't mean to pile on, but I couldn't tell a difference whatsoever between ATF-Z1 and ATF-DW1 when I changed. Further, I couldn't tell a difference when I put in M1 ATF this last time either, so you must have something else going on. I really don't see how a Honda spec fluid (the DW1) would cause any sort of operational difficulties in your transmission. From various reports on here and elsewhere, the DW1 is a "better" fluid but the operation on one or the other should be identical. And my Honda is a lot older than yours.
I think things are getting confusing. I never used Honda DW1. I used maxlife first. I am now using a Z1 fluid.
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Oh, well why would you think that ATF-DW1 would not "be right" for a 2007 Honda?
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I think things are getting confusing. I never used Honda DW1. I used maxlife first. I am now using a Z1 fluid.
Too thin...Different friction modifiers. I think there is a TSB somewhere if have harsh shifting to mix a quart of Z1 with DW1 in older Hondas I just might have a extra sensitive Trans...
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I am more concerned about the drain plug being that much material after 4000k miles It looked a lot to me. It may not have been.
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Anyone heard about replacing 3rd and 4th gear pressure switches, as well as trans filter, in the problematic Honda/Acura years? There's an Australian (who claims to have been permanently banned from BITOG) who has a long thread on an Acura site, running from 2009 through current, where they've speculated the pressure switches wear and get out of tolerance. Claim is change them around 50k miles.
I just changed them on my 04 ody after getting a blinking D. Easy to do and got rid of the Blinking d and van shifts great. I just did this at 250k.
My '06 V6 had 60k on it when I got it and I don't think the previous owner changed. I did the three D&F's with Amsoil in about 6k miles and things improved dramatically. I'm in agreement there's something else going on. Some people swear by the OEM requirement, but there are thousands of people getting by with other compatible ATF's with great results.
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