2007 GMC Envoy

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Aug 8, 2004
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What does everyone think of this vehicle? I am lookin into maybe gettin one late this year or early next year if all goes well. I was wondering what everyone thinks of the 4.2litre inline six? I will not be towing anything but maybe a travel trailor from time to time. But that will only be maybe twice three times a year. I am wondering for the money should I go with the Denali with the 302/330 (hp/torque) 5.3litre V-8? It is gonna be 4wd so the milage difference isnt a concern they both will be in the ****per I am sure. I live in town and work in town. So either way I will most of the time not see the efficent milage these engine produce on the highway. Thanks in advanced.

I would recomend a Ford product. As far as the inline six. I have never known anyone that had a problem with an inline six, nor be able to go to extremely high mileage with them. Inline six would be best bet if you choose a GM product.
My wife drives an '03 Trailblazer EXT with the inline 6. I love the engine, and the vehicle is great in my opinion. I posted a UOA in another thread. I have a few other family members who also have Trailblazers/Envoys, and enjoy them as well.

If I were going to do much towing, I would think about upgrading to the V-8. We've towed with ours, but not in a while. It seemed to do fine, but it was limited.
I have the 4.2 in my '02 Bravada. With mixed driving, I'm averaging 19 mpg. With just highway driving, doing 70ish, I do about 22 mpg. It's a great engine, very strong, lots of torque. I'm very pleased w/ the vehicle.
The I-6 made the Ward's Top 10 Engine List. My buddy has a TB and the engine is strong & smooth. Plus, since it takes 7 qts. of oil you're OCI will be extended. Just stick with the OLM.
I very recently drove a Trailblazer with the 4.2 and an Envoy Denali with the 5.3. I liked both of them, but the Envoy Denali was hands-down the nicer vehicle. The 4.2 is a nice, very smooth reliable motor, but the 5.3 is a lot more fun to drive. The two motors aren't vastly different in HP and torque, but the seat-of-the-pants feel is worlds apart. If you have the money for the Envoy Denali, I'd highly recommend it, but I don't think you could go wrong whatever way you go.
JR, I'm amazed that there hasn't been any GM bashing yet. But your question is only a few hours old. I've driven both the 4.2 and the 5.3 and noticed a difference in power. The 4.2 has gobs of HP but seems to be a little lacking in torque, no such problem with the 5.3. I would recommend the 5.3 for a few reasons: the EPA mileage ratings are the same as the 6, likely due to the active fuel management (DOD) feature on the 5.3 (which you may not use very often, but its there), the 5.3 seems to have a good track record for reliability (unsure about the 6), probably a little better resale value, the 5.3 has over 50lb/ft more torque which is important for accelerate and towing, and I subscribe to the idea that all-things-being-equal the bigger and more powerful engine will last longer than the smaller one.

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with the 4.2 but the 5.3 is just a little better without any/much MPG drawback. In other areas, the vehicles I drove seemed very competent, good brakes, good handling for its size/intended usage, good features.

Good luck with your decision. What has helped me in the past is to find a forum dedicated to the vehicle(s) you are considering and reading what current owners say about the vehicle. You can gain a lot of (mostly) honest information in a very short period of time.
JR, As a 2005 trailblazer LS 4x4 4.2L owner, I do love my I6 as far as smoothness, decent power and under-hood purdyness, but if it's in your budget, get a V8. You wont loose much if any MPG and you will have a much more powerful truck. Look the envoys over carefully before you make your final decision. The body panel and interior fit/finish/quality is really bad on these trucks compared to ford, etc.. & I would never buy one brand-new because of their horrible depreciation. I've seen 2006 trailblazer LS 4x4's, 4.2L miles in the 20's go for ~$16K. Trailvoy.c0m is a great forum for these vehicles.

A friend has an Envoy and when he tried to sell it, not one person called thru three reductions in price. He started at wholesale bluebook and went down from there. He, now, has decided to drive it until it falls apart. He is out of warranty and little things are failing, like door looks, hood latch, glove box and the brake lights shorted out. I drives just fine but with the mileage he gets, he could have had a V8.
You can buy a clean, used Trailblazer EXT or Envoy XL for about 45-50% of the sticker price.

I'm talking 26-28 months old, less than 30k miles.

Does that tell you anything?

You will also get 2+ MPG better fuel mileage and much more power and torque with the 5300 V8.
FWIW, trailblazers are the police car of choice in the USVI. Some might discount that, but one has to realize the severe service driving profile that the extremely high grade hills and demanding roads present. My finacee's father has moved from toyota to domestic trucks because of their better longevity down there too.

Now its all FWIW, but I extrapolate it to the ability of domestic trucks to stand up to severe service and give excellent longevity, which is really the definition of value, in the truest sense (i.e. not Honda cars resell at 3 yers and 40k for 85% of their original MSRP type ripoff garbage). Im not trying to start a war of foreign vs. domestic or anything else. Im just saying that recent findings have been that domestic trucks stand up and last well, so be confident.

Ive heard that the 5300 is one heck of an engine - and Ive heard lots of praise for the 4200 (though Ive heard some complaints too). All in all, I think you cant really go wrong!

I was thinking about looking into the used lots for a nice lease turn-in or trade-in. I havent even really looked at any yet. I am not gonna get one for probably six months. I just wanted to start looking for info early before my decicen is made. I wasnt sure as to which engine I was gonna consider but considering I will be pulling a trailer that weighs around 5000-5500 pounds I think the 5300 is hands-down the only choose. Not that the 4200 wouldnt do the job, but I think it would be lobored pulling it. I know that the 4200 holds seven quarts of lube oil so that was a plus in the department of extended oil changes, but how much lube oil does the 5300 hold? I want to thank everyone for their advice and for keeping chevy/gmc bashing to a bare mininum.

Thanks again,
I would agree with considering a used one. There seems to be a lot of people who bailed out of their SUVs because of gas prices. Most soccermums don't use the 4WD either or beat it off road. I've been mainly a GM owner for the last 25 years and prefer them over any other vehicle.
I think this is one of the better built GM vehicles out there. The 5.3 would be my choice. I would stay away from a turned in lease vehicles unless it has had good documented maintenance.
The only bad things that i've heard about the 4.2 inline six is that the early ones would generally run quite hot, but the later models have the oil nozzles for the pistons and they now run quite cooler.

I work with someone who has a trailblazer and she loves it
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