2007 Ford Fusion 2.3 5MT broken wiring to fuel issue

Jan 9, 2020
So basically I've had it parked about a year since this occured, with some blown fuses and a mystery no start condition. Replaced the fuses, got it cranking, no start, eventually went digging more under the hood and found two broken solid color wires, which are around my house somewhere, but two broken solid green wires on the same female connector. No idea where they went to. Car starts and runs (actually for longer than I'd expect...) on starting fluid but dies due to lack of fuel. Know it's something to do with those wires, and I believe those wires have a feedback loop that makes the fuel pump run. Unlike say, a 1984 Celica, I think on this Ford you can't just do something like jump the fuel pump to the ignition due to a returnless design, so I need to trace where the wires go back to, but for the life of me for really about 1 year now, I've not been able to do it, even with the help of a sort of bootleg FSM and a real factory wiring diagram book, no help. Could just be an idiot but none of the wire colors really match, etc.

Anyway, it's a huge shot in the dark and perhaps trying a Fusion specific forum might be better, but figured I'd try here first, since friends/family have all given "hey man just jump the fuel pump, look up a Youtube video lol" suggestions that don't help much, and it's seemingly quite Ford specific.


The red and green wires with the little plug come out from around the throttle body area, presumably some voltage from the throttle body gets fed back to/from the computer. Both or one? of those wires/the green ones when they were hooked up would give me 12V with the key on.



It looks like it is supposed to be S112 according to the factory manual, but as you can see it's sorta barely labeled? Maybe I'm just an idiot though.


As you can see, S112 according to the manual is fuel, but in trying to match wires and colors it wouldn't match anything.

I'm really at a loss, I've pulled the wrappings off about 70% of the engine wiring harness (but didn't cut any wires) and for the life of me found no broken wires anywhere. So it's a huge shot in the dark but I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar fuel related issue as mine and could at least give me a ballpark of perhaps where to look.

If anyone has a manual 1st gen Fusion and could simply take a picture of where the wires go from that plug it would be a lifesaver too.

My luck is also bizarre, in that manual 1g Fusions aren't exceedingly common, but my local pick and pull didn't have any 4 cylinder 1st gen Fusions at all in this entire year, but lots of second gens and V6 ones with a totally different setup, so I thought it'd be easy enough to just trace the wires back from a junkyard one but that never happened either, by bad coincidence.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Jun 3, 2005
Santa Barbara, CA
Just because it is easier to put it here since it has been a hell day at work. The connector C1536 that the Splice S112 refers to is only used on the 2.3L AT, not the MT. The C1536 is the connector location for the transmission fluid pressure switch, which obviously is not needed on a manual of this vintage.
May 7, 2004
Nokesville, VA
Unlike say, a 1984 Celica, I think on this Ford you can't just do something like jump the fuel pump to the ignition due to a returnless design

You can on a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria, which is returnless. This video shows someone doing it:

I'm having a fuel problem with my 2004 Crown Victoria. I didn't jumper the connector like the video above, what I did is to use a variable power supply with a 10 amp max output to try powering the fuel pump.

And it went into current limiting and dropped the output voltage to about 7V (at 10 amps), which, along with hearing absolutely NOTHING from the fuel pump, gave me a pretty good indication that the fuel pump is mechanically jammed or locked up.

Everything I read says that these fuel pumps should consume about 6 amps. This one took 10 amps at 7V, and at 12V it would probably be close to 18 amps!
Apr 9, 2008
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My jeep has a return less system and it can be jumped . I had to add in a button that jumps the relay to prime the fuel system to build up fuel pressure to start. Granted its only for a few seconds and the pressure regulator is in the tank so excess goes right back I would assume.
Sep 27, 2015
Two electrical reasons for no fuel going into the engine would be fuel pump not running, or no power to the fuel injectors. Both of these are relatively easy to troubleshoot with the factory schematic and a voltmeter. If you don't understand electrical stuff enough to do that, have someone else look at the car. Quit unwrapping stuff and resist the urge to start jumping things.

You should hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds when turning the key on but don't crank. Also you can check fuel pressure in the rail. Since the car hasn't run for a while, get a sample of the fuel make sure it is not real stale.