2006 Tundra, M1 EP, Amsoil Filter, Particle Counts

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Apr 10, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
Hello again everyone,

Here are the results of UOA number 8 on my 2006 Toyota Tundra Limited Double-Cab 4WD. This was another 5K mile interval, using Mobil 1 EP 5W-30, and the recommended Amsoil EaO-57 filter. This is the best showing of the Amsoil EaO filter so far, roughly equivalent, however, to the worst showing of the Mobil 1 filters.

I changed the oil after this sample was taken, and have installed an Amsoil EaO-34 filter, and intend to run this batch for 10K miles. Blackstone seems to think it is doable (See the comments section). I will then post a UOA (with particle counts, of course) on this upcoming interval.

Then, I intend to perform a second 10K run using the Mobil 1 filter. The reason for this is to see if the extended interval will improve the filter performance of the EaO filters relative to the Mobil 1 filters.

Of course, it will take me longer to run 10K miles, so you probably won't see another UOA from me until around the September/October timeframe.


Comments? I think it is very clear at this point that the Mobil 1 filters perform better over such a short interval, at least as far as filter performance goes.
The TBN is down to 3.4 in only 5,000 miles with EP oil? That seems bad to me. 10,000 miles would be a stretch.
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Originally Posted By: pickled
That's it...I want to see the standard orange can next :)! $5 says it would be a 3 sigma outlier to the Amsoil and Mobil1 filter results!

+1 and then maybe a Wix or two?

Very interesting thread here.
Very generous of you to do this study and offer the findings to us. Thanks.

The M1 EP oil seems like a great combo with this engine. I wonder why the Tin (wrist pins?) is starting to show up though. Blackstone didn't mention this anomaly though. Keep an eye on the Tin.

The TBN is 3.4, but very easily could go up to 5.0 by the time you hit 10K. We've seen that happen on extended OCI's that have intermediate UOA's done before. Have you considered getting TAN done too?

Do you notice any unusual cold start-up noises with any of these filters? My 2000 Tundra V-8 is very picky when it comes to leaky ADBV's.
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I noticed the tin spike as well. I am going to chalk it up as an anomoly, but will watch it very closely at the next UOA.

No startup noises with any of the Mobil 1 or Amsoil filters I have tested so far.

Regarding other comments:
Brons2: I noticed the spike in viscosity on the earlier run as well, I have no clue what caused it...

ZZman - I have been a bit surprised with some of the TBN readings I have had as well. It might be a bit of a stretch going 10K, but I am going to try it. I am thinking that the decline in TBN is not a linear progression. If I am wrong, well, I will find out in 10K miles!
I think Blackstone says it drops quickly at first also but I am not sure how it progresses exactly. maybe a call to Blackstone could clear that up.
Perfect example of how to use UOAs! Using the same oil is the key to identifying and tracking trends. Hope to do the same for my Forester over the next 50k miles.
Regarding tbn, I've noticed it fall within half (~5) in the first 4k miles with PP. It does indeed fall quickly in the first couple thousand miles. You'll probably have a tbn ~3 by 10k miles with EP.
I have seen these TBN's fluctuate up/down throughout an extended UOA before. That's why it might be a good idea to do a TAN to confirm what is going on with acids.
Wow... that is cool with the particle counts... I've never done that with my UOA's... I generally run to 15k, and would like to see those numbers. Now I know.

I'm just floored at your metal count numbers. My GM doesn't know how to throw a single digit ppm count for iron, copper, or lead...

glad I checked this thread!... thanks for sharing your filtration results.
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wow where did the tin come from all of a sudden? I currently have M1 5w-20 with a M1 filter in the wife's new 09 CRV.

Wrist pins are the usual suspect. But I have seen tin show up in virgin samples.
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