2006 Range Rover HSE

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Dec 28, 2003
Brewster, NY
I just purchased a 2006 Range Rover for the wife and was reading the owners manual, yup some of us still do that! I noticed that the oil sump holds 8 quarts of oil which is nice, but Land Rover specifies Castrol GTX 5-30 with the first change at 7,500 miles. I spoke to the head wrench at the dealer and he felt this was very reasonable considering the large sump. Should I really do my first chage at 7500 and would everyone continue to use the recommended GTX 5-30 until the warranty expiers at 50,000 miles? I am leasing this vehicle and should give it back at 48,000 miles but if I like it I may consider purchasing it. I live in NY so it will see cold temps (maybe 0 degrees) and heat to about 95 degrees. The car will be used 50/50 higway and street use but since I live in a rural area it will get at least 5 miles even on the shortest run. BTW the vehicle uses a cartridge filter which it seems nobdy carries except the dealer
Any thoughts?
Nice vehicle.

1. Are you going to do the oil changes?

2. If I were going to keep it, I would change it at 5,000 then use a good synthetic, and if it makes them happy, Castrol Syntec 5W30.

3. If your not planning on keeping it, change it as the dealer recommends with whatever they recommend using.

Does the Land Rover come with the first two or three oil changes FREE? If so, let the dealer do it.
Does the 06 rover still have the BMW engine? if so then you may be able to cross reference the filter with the bmw-vw

I know that Rover was going to switch over the Jag engine but was not sure when.
Land Rover put the Jaguar 4.4L V8 in the Range Rover starting in 2006. I am told that this is a much better engine than the BMW V8, but I guess only time will tell.

This car does get free service for 50K miles with is really just an oil change every 7500. They say coolant should go 10 years, spark plugs every 105K miles, air filter every 60K and brake fluid change every 3 years. Those number seem very long to me but since its a lease I will just give it back at 48K miles and let the factory worry about the damage that will occur after that.
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