2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR

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Aug 13, 2002





Ken, when did you get trees and hill like that in Singapore!

That would be a blast to drive through traffic in Dallas !

Driveit, that wiper is for the spin rotations so you can see when that becomes the leading edge of the car !!
what was the EVO 8 in the U.K getting ?

0-60MPH in under 4 seconds, and quicker than a Lamborghini around the track ?
The one from the UK as seen in the Top Gear video is the FQ400. I believe it is equipped and tuned by Ralliart of UK. I dunno if the US version will be having the same equipment or tuning.
What are those 9 little fins on the back of the roof? Air straighteners to make the wing more effective is my guess.

Sweet car. I wanted one until reading Car and Driver's long-term test. It was the Evo VIII but still same basic car. It was pretty much wore out at 40k miles! Began consuming oil. Lost power. Clutch toast even before then. Not pretty overall.
Too bad we don't have any UOA's on an EVO. Judging by the durability on C&D test it wouldn't look good. Would be interesting to see if that's the case.
The fins are on the rear of the roof panel for aerodynamics. It makes the car go faster (.02mph faster?)and lowers the coefficient number. Somewhere on this site, someone posted a link to a study DSM (diamond star motors i.e. mitsubishi) did on aerodynamics.
Diamond Star Motors has nothing to do with the EVO. The only cars they made were the Turbo Eclipse/Talon/Laser and the Mitsubishi Galant. Now the plant builds the new Eclipse and a few other models. Contrary to popular belief, they did not make the 3000 GT VR-4 or the Stealth RT-10.

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DSM never built the galant, thank god.
(i own one of each) The fins are called "vortex" generators, and they actually hurt the cars drag coefficient. Basically, they stir air up, and make it turbulent which makes the rear wing much more effective. While it only adds a few pounds of downforce, it causes a 35% reduction in lift @ 100mph according to mitsubishi.

I wanted a IX MR, but i settled on a galant VR-4 for now.
Non VR-4 Galants were manufactured at the DSM plant. By the way, sweet car (the VR-4). My buddy had a 91 with a 16G etc. SLEEPER!

From DSM.org:

A joint effort by Mitsubishi (three diamonds) and the Chrysler Corporation (penta-star) to build some of the most incredible automobiles in the world. The vehicles were produced with the names Eagle Talon, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Plymouth Laser. DSM cars are assembled in Normal, Illinois. The '94-and-up Mitsubishi Galant is also assembled at the DSM plant in IL; previous Galant's were assembled in Japan. The Eclipse and Galant (since '89) share the same platform.
Sorry I don't believe turbulent air makes a wing more effective for one second. Why do race cars, or heck even the EVO have the wings raised up? To get them out of the turbulent zone. That is already a turbulent zone. They don't need to create it. If turbulence made it more effective, all they need to do is lower the wing.
Jason: go and look at airplanes sometime. They all use vortex generators. If you google around, you can read all about how they work exactly. It has to do with changing the way that the air flows over the wing- It's quite interesting

My last post was perhaps a bit confusing, but i was trying to use as simple terms as possible.

As for the reason it's not low to the car, there is less air there, turbulent as it might be. It's also moving much slower.
I took you up on your offer and found that I was essentially correct in my original post.

It is not to create turbulence it is for cleaner flow over the wing:


Will the airplane top speed be slower with vortex generators?

No. We have flown a Baron with **** Rutan at Edwards Air Force Base and used radar tracking to measure speed at different altitudes. The only conditions where we found a speed reduction was a 1 knot reduction in top speed at 12,000 ft. at full power, and no change in top speed at 75% power. There were no speed reductions at any other altitude. The small amount of drag created by the vortex generators is offset by a cleaner flow of air from the trailing edge of the wing.

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