2006 Honda Accord HGSB 0w20 UOA....

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Apr 13, 2013
Drained the Honda Genuine Synthetic Blend 0w20 and filled with M1 0w20 and a new Fram Ultra. Average OCI is based off of 6000ish miles. I am a little concerned with the tin and lead content after only 3200 miles of easy driving (I don't beat on this car). Is this tin anything to worry over? Could the light pinging I had equate to this? OIL REPORT ALUMINUM 2 CHROMIUM 0 IRON 2 COPPER 0 LEAD 1 TIN 3 Universal ALUMINUM 4 CHROMIUM 0 IRON 9 COPPER 2 LEAD 1 TIN 1
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Viscocity at 100C is 7.67, there was a trace of fuel (which has never happened before) I am just not liking the tin content. I have read on this site that its from bearings (and the lead would be too) I know thats not a lot. But when the average tin is 1 ppm per 6000 miles, and I only went 3200 and it had 3 ppm, thats more than average, and more than my car has ever seen. Again, I take it easy on this car, why would this be an issue?
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If you are a member of blackstone, log in to your account then come back and click my "OIL REPORT" link, it should work.
Pretty sure you're not allowed to view other people's reports though, even if you have an account in their system. I would not worry about these results. Also, you're changing your oil way too early.
3 ppm tin is just noise. Your engine is doing fine. An Italian tune up might fix the pinging. Putt-putting around town might build up a little carbon on an old car. If 93 octane cures the problem, carbon is probably present.
What is the rationale of changing the Ultra filter so often? In previous oil changes you said you would use them for two intervals. That's a $10-15 filter in Canada and I was wondering what the actual engine longevity/performance gain was at that interval. I understand that on its own its a small cost but when a person takes into account (all figures US) $25 oil, $8 filter, $20 UOA plus the value of their own labour time it's adds up. In my opinion, and what I practice, is to minimize oil change maintance costs and save that money in case of a mechanical breakdown or repair need so I'm not left freaking out if I'm left stranded. I would even have money to rent a car if needed. If there was a significant gain to be seen it would be different. But at this point doing extra maintenance to see perhaps 1% lowered engine wear compared to the cost doesnt seem worth it, And for those saying doing maintenance makes them feel better, it feels better to have that extra stash of money when something goes wrong. For the record I put 5000 miles on my daily driven civic in the last 12 months, 95% city, and I live in a place thats cold.
1. Italian tune-up. Rev it regularly. 2. This car calls for a 10k OCI, why change so soon? Is this the first MM year or '07? 3. Filters every other change. OEM filters are rated for 20k miles, don't you think a FU could too?
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