2005 Ram CTD........

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Jul 10, 2003
Hermiston, OR
My brother in law just got a brand spakin new one...... I wish it was mine...... What oil reccomendation you think? I told him to consider Amsoil 15w40 Syn, for a Synthetic. I told him Delo 400 for dino......
Those are good choices. Also consider Redline 15w-40 synthetic, Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic, and Rotella T synthetic. Amsoil's S3000 is good stuff, too.
Also, the Cummins 5.9 engine is so overbuilt for a pickup that you may could run olive oil and still get away with it. Unless he is going to do some extreamly heavy towing, or is planning to "bomb" it, I would run Delo 400 or Rotella T in 15/40. Buy it in the case loads at Costco or Sams club and save.
Valvoline Premium Blue was developed especially for the Cummins by Valvoline and Cummins. Rotella T is also an excellent oil. I personally run Premium Blue dino in the summer and synthetic in the winter in my Cummins.
Yeah, I heard not to run syn. b4 20k miles. I'm thinking maybe Rotella T or Delo until 20k... Don't know much about Valv. Prem Blue, any UOA's?
dont waste your money on synthetic in a dodge cummins. my buddy runs 12,000 mile oci's with rotella t dino and has had no problems.
My dealer is pushing for 5k OCI's even though the severe service schedule is 7500. Since I don't even really fall under severe service except during the winter months, I don't see the need to do anything beyond the 7500 interval to maintain warranty coverage and will probably extend it after warranty (100k). As stated, it's a pretty bulletproof engine if reasonably maintained. An oil related engine failure is likely the last thing I should worry about in my 05 3500 CTD. My dealer used 15/40 Pennzoil and a Mopar (Fleetguard) filter. He specifically warned me not to use a Fram filter if I changed it myself.
Good point bought up by W170W31 about the oil filters. These engines are very easy on oil but brutal on oil filter elements.
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