2005 GMC Diesel 2500 Truck- no start

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Jan 13, 2013
This truck belongs to one of my cousins . Month or two ago , the truck acted up , low on power & would not exceed 65 mph . Next start , ran fine . We were visiting last weekend . It repeated the same symptoms . Both to & from a ~ 50 mile round trip , with one off - on cycle . A few days latter & crank - no start . My cousin changed the fuel filter & used the manual pump to fill the filter & burp the air from it . Suggestions , please . We have been searching you tube videos . Thanks , :-)
That truck has no fuel pump but the high pressure pump itself. Sucks it out of a pumpless tank. Big question is, when he pumped it up, did he bleed the fuel out through the on-engine bleeder? That thing needs a computer scan like nobody's business. Those symptoms leading to a no-start make me first thing of fuel. Secondly, a close second, they make me think of a dead FICM. Not unheard of. In the middle of the two is chafing of the FICM harness where it passes over that metal bracket near the alternator. Start by making sure it was pumped up and bled from the engine mounted bleed, then see if it starts. If it doesn't, scan the computer and see what it has to say. That particular engine generally throws a bunch of codes when something that catastrophic goes on.
He said the check engine lite is not on . I guessed scanning for codes would not yeald any information ? Thanks , :-)
Its likely an LLY duramax if its an 05. If it did in fact go into a reduced power scenario then it has a code in it. Thats the first place to start. Everything other than that is just a WAG. If its fuel related my first move would be to rebuild or replace the fuel filter head, start with the cheap and easy stuff. How many miles are on it and does it have any tuners ?
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On my TDI, ive problems with the anti shudder valve sticking closed or partially closed, so this starves the engine of air, or will not allow it to start. I just had to clean it all out at the entrance to the manifold, no problems since.
Mine had similar symptoms from a collapsed plastic fuel line under the truck and a fuel filter head (housing/mount) that was leaking air. No fuel leaks were visible as it is under suction and not pressure. The o rings in the filter head were not holding a prime in the fuel system. Oreillys had the filter head rebuild kit for ~$22.
Received an email from my cousin . He said he charged the batteries for 4 hours & got it to start . Let it run for 5 minutes , shut it off & it restarted . His brother recommended a local mechanic & the mechanic told him it sounded like the fuel pressure regulator or pressure sensor . My cousin is going to try to drive the truck to the mechanic , tomorrow . With his brother following , in case it quits again . So , we will see what we will see . Wish him luck .
A little update . I suppose the truck has been running since my last report . On the warmer days , he changed oil / filter . Then took it to the mechanic . No codes & the mechanic did not fine any thing wrong / broken . So , my cousin just called . He was taking the truck home . For now , he says the truck is running fine . I feel for him . His situation , now is kind of like walking around with no belt . Your pants could drop to the ground at any time . :-( Thanks for the information , :-)
Far as I know the truck is still running . A complete novice here , but I was wondering , does this model truck have an electric fuel shut off solenoid ? If so , could it be partially sticking ? I was also wondering about a fuel additive , to avoid / correct anything sticking ? Thanks , :-)
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I was wondering , does this model truck have an electric fuel shut off solenoid ? If so , could it be partially sticking.
It does not, Common Rail Diesels do not need a fuel shut off solenoid.
Hmmmm . Interesting . Is that because each injector is fired individually / electrically / electronically ? Thanks , :-)
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