2005 GMC 5.3L Mobil 7500 5w30 to GC

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Jan 8, 2003
Roseville, MI
Hi everyone, been a while... We seldom drive our truck for commuting as our other vehicle is a VW TDI. However, my wife is pregnant and I no longer want her riding her bike to work. She has been driving the 2005 Sierra 1.75 miles to work. I changed the factory fill at 500 miles to Mobil 7500 5w30. Changed with the same at 3,225, (4,327 diffs and transfer case changed), 7,300, 10,507 and 14,257. At that point I decided I would run the 7500 until the OLM indicated a change was required. I plan to send a sample to Terry for review when I drain this oil. About 18K miles currently. Anyway, after a bunch of research, and my primary concern related to the wear at initial startup I have purchased 7 quarts of M06044 GC. 6 to fill and 1 spare :-) My plan is to sample the 7500 when I change in the next 500-1K miles and fill with the GC. Does anyone think this a bad idea based on the short trips? We do take the truck to northern Michigan twice a year and typically see -15-25F during the trip. Mobile Delvac 1 in the VW since 5,000 miles... Jason [Big Grin]
There is nothing wrong with your plan...the GC will do fine. I do recommend that periodically (at least once every couple of weeks) you take it for a longer run to get the condensation burned off. If you have weekend errands you run that will get the engine up to solid oil operating temps (not just coolant operating temps) that would be a good way to do it. I recommend you get some GC for that nettes kleines deutsches Auto too.
Thanks, I guess I was just looking for confirmation. Oh, and I don't think the VW will ever see any other kind of oil. Fantastic UOA and no measurable wear on the cam. Everything looked brand new when the cover was off. [Cheers!] Thanks! Jason
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