2005 F-250 w/Powerstroke

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Jul 10, 2003
Hermiston, OR
Got a F-250, 6.0L PStroke. Looking at several different Air Intakes. I see the replacement filters are like $70. Is it best to stay stock? I can get an AFE on Ebay for $250. What's everyone's thoughts on what I should do. I don't want to jeopardize my motor by letting any extra dirt in...
I'm not looking to trick out my truck too much, if an after market air filter is better letting the engine breathe, that's what I want.

Also, my truck has 4" exhaust.
I wouldn't worry about dirt contaminating the engine. It will die on it's own before the dirt would have any effect on it!
Around here even babied 6.0's die an early death. If the headbolts are not streching then the EGR cooler leaks all the coolant out and warps the heads.

Napa used to sell a replacement air filter to replace the stock piece of junk mess Ford put on it.
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Geez, Is the 6.0L that bad? Seems like it's got a bad rap...
I work at a radiator shop and we deal with a lot of repair shops and I have many friends that work at these shops and they keep me informed about these things.

We must test 2-3 egr coolers a week.

I know 1 guy that has figgured out a way to get the heads off em w/o pulling the cab.
That stock filter is a ingenious Donaldson design that probably will make it to 50-75k between changes.. Yeah, its a pain to replace, but it does not have to be done that often. Just pay attention to the filter gauge. If it makes you feel better about the gauge just remove it and suck on it. Its roughly about like drinking a mid-viscosity milkshake to get it to the red.
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so, what do people think of the AFE intake system? does it attribute to more dust in the intake? Is AFE and K&N the same???
You can't beat the Powercore for eliminating dirt at less restriction than a normal filter. Just let it sit in there til the indicator tells you. That is 25 water column inches. Then change it. I'm converting my T100 to the Powercore, and probably a few others that see a lot of dust.

I'd love to be able to tell you more about the 6.0, but mine broke down after about 800 miles. That was 19 months and 8 mechanics ago.
The 6.0L in the ford chassis is really that bad. The folk at international don;t have good things to say about them either, but the internationals are not plagued with as many wierd issues.
A bit late, but the stock air filter flows great from all places I've read and been told. It's just not as loud as aftermarket open filters.

I just picked up an '09 PSD and have been looking into the same things, I'm still in early break-in stages on my motor @ 2500 miles. [censored] there are people making nearly 600rwhp on the stock filter and assembly with the 6.4 Diesel... put that money for the open air intake toward EGR blocking and deleting to prevent motor failure.

$50 every 50k miles is fine with me on the air filter with awesome contaminate stopping ability.

according to a Ford factory bulletin, the air filter cartridge does not need to be replaced until 3 pounds of dirt have accumulated.
OK.. how do you weigh that unless you take it out first? If you go thru that hassle, it's easier to just replace it!
Just replace it when the gauge says so. No one should change an air filter til the gauge turns. All cars should have gauges.
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