2004 Scion xB, Toyota T-IV ATF, 19K mi

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Sep 17, 2006
"The O.C."
Fluid is Toyota T-IV with 19K miles, 49K miles on vehicle, mostly freeway miles. Iron: 49 ppm Chromium: 0 Lead: 10 Copper: 12 Tin: 1 Aluminum: 23 Nickel: 0 Silver: 0 Silicon: 15 Boron: 40 Sodium: 0 Magnesium: 1 Calcium: 72 Barium: 0 Phosphorus: 223 Zinc: 14 Molybdenum: 0 Titanium: 0 Vanadium: 0 Potassium: 0 Viscosity: 5.48 cSt @ 100C Water: 0% Solids: Trace TAN: 1.39 Viscosity is down to 5.48. I'd hate to see what it would be like if I stuck to the recommended 60K OCI ... I can't find any official numbers for Toyota T-IV ATF but Mobil 3309 is supposed to be 7.2 out of the bottle. I'm sure it's fine for now but I'm sticking to a 30K service interval no matter what Toyota says.
Yep, stick with more frequent intervals. I wouldn't even push it to 30k. I'd also install an ATF filter and aftermarket cooling. The transmission isn't showing too much wear but the fluid is taking abuse.
My 06 Vibe has a drain plug, so I'm just going to drain and replace every 15k miles. where are you guys buying a subsitute for Toyota T-IV? I don't want to pay dealer prices.
Cutehumor: The ONLY 'substitute' for Toyota T-IV that I'd consider right now is Mobil's 3309, which only meets the specs. for the various vehicles using A/Warner A/T's specifying what Toyota refers to as T-IV. It is NOT a universal ATF...see the Mobil data sheet for 3309 on their website. Having said that, may I offer a suggestion...this is what I did: Find a Toyota dealer on the web or get a price from your Mobil distributor for 3309 (case). Then go to a Totota dealer with your price and see if they'll match or beat it. Mine did, and I remember it was <$4.00 qt., which I thought was reasonable enough...got 'em down even more for a 2 case purchase. They're not likely to reduce their price for less than a case, however.
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