2004 Nissan Xterra 5000mi Mobil 1 10w30

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Oct 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
This car has a small sump for a V6 3.3L engine. When you change the oil it only takes a little bit less than 3.5 quarts to fill it up.

On this OCI I added about 1/2 a quart about 2,000 miles in to top off. Then after about another 1000 miles I added 4oz of Auto RX. All on a Mobil 1 filter.

This is my first Analysis with this engine/car. It is my wife's daily driver. She is about 18 miles from work and it takes her about 25 minutes each way 50/50 highway and stop and go city.

This is also the first run on synthetic oil. Previously my wife has only run Dealership Bulk Dino for 3000 mile OCIs. She has been VERY good about regular maintenance.

Right now it has 3 quarts of Mobil 1 10w30 and 1/2 qt of Quaker State Torque Power 10w30.

Blackstone's comments:

DAVID: Universal averages (far-right column) show typical wear metals from this type of engine after
approximately 4,300 miles on the oil. Wear metals were low and in a nice balance for the 3.3L, and this
shows the engine is sound mechanically, and free of evident problems at parts. Silicon was mildly high, so
check the air filter just in case dirt is getting through. The TBN of 1.9 shows some oil additive still active. A
7K miles on the next fill. Nice engine!

mi/hr on oil 5000
mi/hr on unit 53,797
Sample Date 3/21/09
make up oil added .5 qt

aluminum 3
chromium 1
iron 9
copper 2
lead 6
tin 1
molybend 91
nickel 0
manganes 0
silver 0
titanium 0
potassiu 4
boron 33
silicon 21
sodium 8
calcium 1951
magnesiu 11
phosphor 603
zinc 713
barium 0

sus viscosity @ 210F 57.2 should be 59-68
sus viscosity @ 100C 9.41 should be 9.9-12.7
flashpoint in F 400 >365
fuel percentage antifreeze 0
water 0
insolubles 0.3 should be
TBN 1.9

Your opinions are Welcome!
Man, did your engine ever beat-up that oil!

On a side note, Si seems really, really high for 5k. I'd check your air filter and plumbing for leaks.

Did well overall.
No Turbocharger.
Yeah, they are saying that it can go 7000 miles, but I am not so sure. My wife dosent drive much and 5000 miles takes about 8 months.

I think I will go another 5000 miles and change it out, again doing an analysis.

This being the first run of Mobil 1 I am curious as to how much contamination was from the previous dino run, and if another run on full synthetics will look better.
I use the exact same oil in my 04 supercharged Frontier. That is THE best oil for our engine! Just use it with a good filter. I use M-1 or Wix.
Offtopic: GWdriver, does your oil turn black quickly in your motor? IN my S/Ced 03 X, the oil always turns black with-in the 1st 1k miles. We have tried M1, ASL, syntec 5w30, and currently hae GC in there. I have also done a Rx clean and rinse with PP about 6k miles ago. I have only done one UOA on the rig, which was a 3k mile UOA with the ASL. Had good results. I just seems tat no matter what I put in there, the oil turns black quickly.
No. I change it between 5-7k. Comes out med brown in color. I also tow a boat with this thing. I stress this oil and it works well. It is the only oil that has ever been in this truck. Also used it in another 3.3. Same results. I also use this oil in my Titan.
This is a pretty decent result ... but the oil is shot. Despite the lab showing only a modest amount of fuel dilution, I think it's much higher in reality. I'm just not sure why it isn't showing up properly ... perhaps something about the oil's chemistry masking it?

The TBN is 1.9 and it has thinned considerably. But, I don't think Mobil 1 would fold up that easily ... so I tend to think it's a lot of fuel contamination instead.

I saw the same in my 2003 Nissan Sentra SpecV (QR25DE engine).

This oil/engine/interval is fine ... just don't push it any further. The sump is small ... so no real economic advantage in going more than 5,000 miles between drains.
I should have a 10k mile sample soon in a 2002 Xterra. Mobil 1 5w-30 EP. 3qts. 3.3 V6.
It'll be interesting to see how the EP version holds up in this service compared to the regular M1!
It will be the first run of a synthetic in this engine that now has 80k on it. I have not been that impressed with M1 EP so it should be interesting.
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