2004 Honda Accord 2.4L 14,100mi 0w-20 QS syn

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Honda's 2.4 has to go down as one of the greatest auto motors ever.
The K24 is a special engine. Honestly though I would not push the envelope any further. I give credit to Blackstone going out on a limb and suggesting 16K miles. But why?. Also I would keep the level up near the upper mark...but that's just me. My son has both an Acura and CRV with the K24. I wish the 2.5 EJ in my 08 Forester had the same durability. crush
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How about the trans? These are undoubtedly great cars...comfortable, good handling and good mileage (plus nice looking...great design). My information was that their only downside is the 5 speed auto transmission of this generation which is prone to lots of problems/failures. I would seriously consider a good used one of the 03-07 generation but have always been concerned about the trannie. It sounds here like there are units that are making it without problems...probably with good maintenance? Nice report btw...
4cyl sedan mated to the 5-auto had the coveted "full red button of approval" from CR for this generation.
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Yet another reason why I absolutely love my 2005 K24 with 212k on the clock and zero issues. My last UOA with M1 EP came back at 12.5k nearly perfect.
.....and why I love my 2005 with 213K & no issues----if I could master the posting process, I have a whole bunch of UOA using both 5-20 & 5-30 in the K24
trans fluid changed with Honda brand ATF every 20 to 30K miles. The inline trans filter was replaced with a Honda filter at 195K miles. Power steering fluid changed at 120K interval
Nice report! QSUD 0W20 is currently in my K24 Element, I feel pretty silly changing it at 0% on the OLM (about 6.5k), maybe I'll hold out for 8K-10k.
This is exactly the report I was looking for. I'm running Amsoil SS now in my Honda Element, but have a big stash of QSUD I got from Menards for $2.99 after rebate. Thanks OP.
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