2004 Beetle ATF-Pentosin or possibly MaxLife?

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Oct 9, 2004
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Hey all-anybody have an idea on the correct ATF for an '04 New Beetle automatic transmission? Not sure if it's a 4 or 6 speed, or if there is a difference-I've read that MaxLife ATF could be used?
Volkswagen offered two automatic transmissions in 2004:
01m 4-speed automatic
09a 5-speed automatic

Depending on which engine your vehicle has will dictate which transmission you have.

The 01M uses VW p/n G 052 162 A2. For a suitable replacement to this part number look for a fluid that meets Esso LT71141. These are actually quite common.

The 09A uses VW p/n G 052 990 A2. This fluid is much more specific to application and you will need to find products that meet this part number. They are available on-line but no OTC oils from the local parts stores/Wal-Mart are going to meet this requirement. Check with local dealership or on-line. I know that febi/Bilstein makes a suitable replacement but whether it's a better deal than the dealership is anybody's guess.
o'reilly's sells and can get Pentosin fluids. There is one in my area that has a Pentosin VW 504 oil in the back but not on display.
Ever consider getting a ATF change kit from a German car specialist? They can get you the right fluid, filter, and gasket as a combo and save you some money. Also, some VW transmissions don't use a dipstick, and filling the transmission requires a special tool. Blauparts really helped me out in getting special transmission fluid at a low price. Typically Blauparts sells a Ravenol oil that is a perfect match for the OEM fluid, whatever fluid that may be.
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