2003 Tacoma and Mobil1 5-30

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May 6, 2003
Hello all!

My vehicle is approaching the 3000 mile mark and has been running with M1 for 1500 miles. My question or concern is since 5-30 is specified as the weight for my vehicle will it be to thin for the coming summer months in Central Florida? Should I change oil in June to 10-30 M1 since the 5-30 will have about 3500 miles on it or will the 5-30 be sufficient through the summer and take it to 5000 or 6000 miles on the M1 5-30?

All suggestions would be appreciated!

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I don't think it will make much difference. I use the 10w-30 here in North Carolina and I would think you could use it year around in Florida.
I think the 5w-30 and 10w-30 are so close as to make no difference. Whats on sale now that would make a difference!
No, not at all. Remember, we still don't know how the whole "thin" vs "thick" thing really effects wear. According to Steve Bergen, it has no effect. Mobil's first 25k mile synthetic oil was a 20wt oil. You will be fine. I think there was even one post were a 20wt beat out a 30wt. Amsoil I believe.
Thanks for the responses!

So the consensus so far is to leave the 5-30 m1 in until the the next scheduled change which will be 5000 miles on the m1.

"Nothing like the sweet smell of m1 in the morning".
Mobil 1 5w30 will perform virtually identically to their 10w30, even in summer heat.

If you're really concerned, you might consider doing an oil analysis. And if the results aren't as good as they could be, you might consider a slightly thicker 5w30 such as Amsoil or Redline.
I have an '02 Tacoma and live in Southern California. With the exception of the humidity, our climates are pretty similar. Both the 5w-30 and 10w-30 Mobil 1 are great oils and have roughly the same viscosity at operating tempurature. Since cold weather is not really an issue, I prefer the 10w-30, as it has the smaller viscosity spread.
Thanks for the replies! This is a great board!

I will stick with the 5-30 and change it when the oil has 5000 miles. I am leaning towards 5-30 again or may opt for the 10-30 as suggested.

The 5-30 m1 has a amber cast to it on a white cloth when I check the dipstick at 1500 miles. It sort of is the color of "golden oak stain". At least I can read the dipstick with this color. When I first filled it you could barely read the stick the fluid was so clear.

Thanks again.
Although the 5W-30 will be fine- I think you will find that the 10W-30 holds grade a little better and as was mentioned there is not much a difference between the to. I have used the 10W stuff in as cold a temperatue as -17 F (below). So thats not an issue. But by all means keep in the 5W stuff until you change.

You will find that the oil is easier to read in the morning when it is at its thickest.
That's suprising, my Impala has one in the radiator tank and I would think that the load on the Tacoma's engine would be even greater.
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