2002 Tundra; 2UZ-FE; 180K motor; 4.5K oil; Citgo

Jul 26, 2004
Middlesex County CT
Here is one from a while back http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2826173 Oil is 5W-30 Citgo Supergard Semisyn (i think) Al 2 Cr 0 Fe 4 Pb 13 Sn 1 Moly 35 Ni 1 Mn,Ag,Ti,K 0 Boron 1 Na 118 Ca 2323 Mg 13 P 697 Zn 838 Barium 0 SUS @ 210F 57.8 cSt @100C 9.59 Flash 440F Fuel < .5% Glycol ? H20 0 Insol .2 (L10241 or some such quality filter lol) TBN 4.3
Sodium increased a lot in this sample, but we think that's just due to the change in oil type, not a sign of coolant contamination. The Mobil 1 you were using before didn't have sodium as an additive, but this Citgo oil might; we haven't seen a virgin sample of this type of oil recently, but if you want to send us one, we'll check it for free to compare. Calcium and magnesium changed quite a bit since last time, and those are additives too. Metals are holding pretty steady -- you've still got high lead, but no worse than before -- and the TBN is good at 4.3. Overall, good!
Not sure about Citgo Oil having Na. PQIA doesn't indicate that. I have a bunch of SN purchased over several years, I don't know if I put 'new or old' SN in. I'm suspecting it must be in the oil, since any glycol probably wouldn't have returned iron #s that low? What say the gallery? Thanks.
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Aug 14, 2010
Northern Kentucky
They offered to test a virgin sample, if you have lots of it you might as well take them up on their offer to see if it uses sodium and add it to the database.