2002 Tacoma (oil help)

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May 16, 2003
Let me first say how happy I am to have found you guys! The knowledge here is Impressive!
I have just finished reading over 2hrs of posts concerning oils, (more to read).
Now for the help needed part. I own a 2002 Tacoma 4x4 with a 2.7L 4cyl.
At the first 2800 miles I started a switch to synthetic of blending Castrol Syntec 5w30 with Castrox GTX 5w30. Now I have almost 9000 mi on the vehicle and on the last oil change used 2 qts dino and 3 qts Syntec. This upcoming change I was ready to go full Syntec, but stumbled up this board and now am very confused.
Now I change my oil every 3000-3500 miles and use a Mobil 1 filter.
The questions are is the Syntec going to really do me any good? Should I go with another synthetic oil? Is GTX sufficient with the change intervals I use? This is a kinda what would you educated oil people do in my shoes kinda question.
Most of my miles are highway with some off road miles thrown in. I keep my vehicles for many years. Last Toyota truck 130,000 miles, 4Runner(wifes) still runnin strong with 160,000 mi.
I'm more educated now but also more confused!!!
I'll go back to readin now and shut up, Thanks for any replies it will be apreciated!
10W-30 will probably maintain it's viscosity for more miles than 5W-30, so that's what I use except in the coldest part of winter.

There's no point doing home-brew blending. You might not get a combination as good as either single product, even products of the same brand. Oils with different base stock will likely have different additive packages blended into them, and in combination might not offer protection as good as just one of the oils alone. The fact is that there's no way any of us can be sure about this without extensive and expensive testing.

Syntec is OK, but not as good as Mobil 1 and not worth the same money. For your short drain intervals, Castrol GTX 10W-30 will do a good job for you. Mobil 1 10W-30 will do a good job for longer drain intervals, at least 5000 miles and maybe longer, but it's not cost effective.

For your wife's 4Runner, an engine purge with either Auto-Rx or Schaeffer's Neutra will do an effective, safe cleaning, then continue with your choice of 10W-30. Because of the Toyota engine's tendency to create sludge, a maintenance dose of 3 oz. of Auto-Rx each oil change might be prudent if you're going to keep your vehicles many years. In lieu of the Auto-Rx dose, I'm using a superior oil. I feel that Schaeffer's 20% synthetic blend oils offer protection at least as good as Mobil 1 at lower cost.


I'm thinking of purchasing a Tacoma soon. Castrol 0w-30, the German made one, is a fully synthetic oil and looks very good. Regular syntec, which is what you see everywhere is ok, but not as good as Mobil 1. If I were you I would run Mobil 1 5w-30 in the winter and 10w-30 in the summer. Both are great oils and can be found at many places. Schaeffer's is excellent too but you have to order it, which isn't a problem. Amsoil regular 5w/10w-30 is not as good as M1 IMO. There Series 3000 5w-30 is excellent but very expensive. Redline also is good, but for a truck it's not necessary IMO. All oils have there strengths and weaknesses and a UOA is the only way to really tell what is best for you but I'd say go with M1 for convienence, performance and availability. Toyota builds a tight engine too so M1 being on the thin side should be a good match.
For 3,000-4,000 mile intervals I wouldn't waste my money on Mobil 1. Its a good oil, albeit thin, and is better suited to extended drain interval people.

I personally am one of the few Valvoline advocates on the board, but I won't push it. I think any good conventional or blend would be more than enough for you... meaning I don't think you're going to get your moneys worth out of a synthetic if you don't extend drains. If you're not comfortable extending drains, just run a good blend.

Oh and
Welcome to the tacoma club!!

I would pick from Mobil1, Amsoil, Redline or Schaeffers and be done with it. No need in trying a home brew when you can just buy a high quality synthetic and drive with confidence especially since you like to keep your vehicles for a long time. I run Mobil1 in my 4Runner and my 2003 Tacoma Xtracab PreRunner and both vehicles love it!

My previous long term ride was a 1985 Toyota 4x4 Turbo Diesel that I just retired after 18 years that was running Castrol GTX 20-50 with 140000 miles of which 100000 miles was extreme service. IMO if I ran the synthetics she would still be running flawless. The oil was changed 3000-4000 miles or every 3 m0nths.

The choice is yours.
Originally posted by buster:

"I'm thinking of purchasing a Tacoma soon."

If you are thinking of purchasing one and you like the current model you better act quick. The new models resemble the new 4runners more squared off and less stylish IMO are going to be released for 2004 I believe.
Not every Toyota engine creates the dreaded sludge. I believe it was only a couple of engine models which weren't installed in the 4Runners. I think it was certain Previa years and Lexus SUV models (Camry, too?) that were sludgy.
OK so if I don't extend drain intervals Mobil 1 is not cost effective, but is a good dino goin to do me just as well in the long run.

If so what is the concensus on a great dino for me to run? Castrol, Havoline, Penzoil, Valvoline, etc...I just want to treat this engine real good.
Penzoil has gotten good reviews but so have some of the others.

Originally posted by Swift:
OK so if I don't extend drain intervals Mobil 1 is not cost effective, but is a good dino goin to do me just as well in the long run.

If so what is the concensus on a great dino for me to run? Castrol, Havoline, Penzoil, Valvoline, etc...I just want to treat this engine real good.
Penzoil has gotten good reviews but so have some of the others.

What I do on my new trucks is use the Mobil oil..run it 5-6k...dump it...and forget about the 50-60 buxs a year in savings...for the piece of mind and the price of new vehicles nowadays that money is well spent in my books...and if you didn't give a crap about your truck,you wouldn't be posting here...use the Mobil and drive happy guy
I have to agree with Greaser!!!

The answers are there for you. You either change oil 4 times a year or do it twice with the Synthetics. If you do a synthetic change using Mobil1 it will cost you around $28 including a filter!

Go with the 5000-6000 mile intervals with synthetics!
I only avg 10,000 mi/yr.
So I'm going to go with Mobil 1 oil and over sized Mobil 1 filter and change every 4,000.
Thanks for the input guys! Appreciated.
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