2002 Ford F250 with 5.4L...

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Jun 23, 2004
Currently in Iraq
I'm new here but I spent a few hours looking over some of the old posts and I didn't find exactly what I was looking for so forgive me if this has been answered here before...

I have been running Mobil 1 5w-30 in it since new, it now has 9,000 miles (yes 9,000 miles) and I've been thinking about going to the 0w-20. Good idea or not..? I insist on using an oil I can buy off the shelf so if your going to recommend something else please keep that in mind...

Thanks, Ski
Oops… it’s a 4WD with an auto and will be my daily driver once I get back to the states. Tows quads and a race car on occasions…

Nothing wrong with that.

However most of the Ford OHC V-8's seem to do as well on the 5W20 Motorcraft Synthetic Blend ($1.42 @ WalMart) as anything. At least for 5000 ml oil changes. Check out the UOA's for the Towing 6.8L V10 on this oil.

BTW If you are active-duty military, thanks for serving your country.

PATMAN how about giving the man a banner (or whatever you call it) if he is.


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I was... I got out a few years ago though. I’ve been working overseas since fall 2002 and I’m hoping to go back home in a few months.

The truck has only had about 1,000 miles put on it since I left and I changed the oil in October last year when I was home on vacation.
Well in that case PATMAN how about a Veteran Banner for the man... and thank you for serving then and come home safe.

I am one of the grumpy ones that think the xw-20 oils are used purely for meeting CAFE requirements. I'd continue with Mobil 1 5w-30 or better 10w-30 since its more shear stable.
If you like Mobil 1 and can get it easily then their 5W-30 is a fine oil and you can't go wrong. But their 0W-20 seems to be even a better constructed oil and works really good in engines that are spec'd for XW-20 oils, such as you 5.4L Ford Modular engine. Even Motorcraft 5W-20 oil performs well in these engines. So unless you're racing or autoX every weekend
I'd go with the Mobil 1 0W-20. Especially since your year engine was spec'd for XW-20 oil. I'm using Motorcraft 5W-20 in my 4.6L and it has performed well so far. It's been great in the winter and even quiet in the summer. I did a UOA at around 10,000 miles and it was doing well. I'll be doing another UOA at around 20,000 miles with 5,000 miles on the oil next time.

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