2002 4Runner ,Castrol GTX 10W30,1 YEAR,1522mi

This is one year on the oil, but only 1522 miles. The car is not driven very often. The engine is Supercharged and is a 3.4L V6. This same oil was used in the 2001 Honda Accord V6 but the analysis didn't seem to do as well: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1486525#Post1486525 It looks like it depends on the car as to whether it can go one year or not. 2002 Toyota 4Runner Supercharged Auto 4x4 Oil: Castrol GTX 10W30 Filter: Purolator PureOne PL10241 Blackstone was the lab used. This sample had one YEAR of time on the oil, 1,522 miles. No makeup oil added. Vehicle had 74,601 miles on the clock. COMMENTS: Thanks for the note about this engine being supercharged. Any engine modifications like that will generally affect wear and may be why lead, from the bearings, is reading above average. The high lead could also be due to a particle streak running through the bearings and if that’s the case, it should improve nicely next time. All other wear looks good and no moisture, fuel, or antifreeze was present. The TBN read 4.1 so you still had plenty of active additive left in this fill. We consider a reading of 1.0 too low for extended use. Try 3,000 miles next time. ELEMENTS IN PARTS PER MILLION Aluminum: 2 Chromium: 0 Iron: 3 Copper: 2 Lead: 8 Tin: 2 Molybdenum: 4 Nickel: 0 Manganese: 0 Silver: 0 Titanium: 0 Potassium: 2 Boron: 1 Silicon: 11 Sodium: 114 Calcium: 2068 Magnesium: 7 Phosphorus: 599 Zinc: 719 Barium: 0 PROPERTIES: SUS Viscosity @210*F: 58.6 cSt Viscosity @ 100*C: 9.83 Fuel %: <0.5 Antifreeze %: 0.0 Water %: 0.0 Insolubles %: 0.3 TBN: 4.1