2000SC2 mobil 1 use

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Dec 17, 2002
Greetings, Ive got 60,000 on my 2000 sc2 . Oil changes with QS 5w30 every 3,000 miles . Mostly highway about 3000 miles a month. Im looking to go synthetic to increase the change interval to about 7500 miles. Is that a safe range for the Mobil 1 oil? Should i still change the filter at 3,000 and top off the lost oil? Mobil 1 seems highly regarded here so lets have your thoughts. Thanks
Do you currently have consumption issues? If not, then go ahead...M-1 it is for the duration of your "severe" interval...7500 or otherwise. If consumption is an issue, you may wish to increase the viscosity to decrease it.
No oil consumption issues at this time. Oil appears relatively clean at 3,000 as does the cap and oil runner channel on the saturn. Just even with the cost of the mobil one i will still save money over doing the change at 3,000 or less with the dino oil if i can get 7500 out of the m1 between changes
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