2000 Miles a Year, What Oil?

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Jun 17, 2002
High Springs, Florida
My M-O-L only drives her Ford F-250 with 5.8L about 2000 miles a year, pulling a 2 horse gooseneck. Truck sits in the drive for weeks at a time. Brother in law used Valvoline last time. Truck is a 1996 and has 12,000 original miles on it at the present time. What oil, if changing once a year?
I'd recommend a high quality synthetic oil that has a high TBN.

5-40 DELVAC diesel would be my first choice.

Mobil 1 in the recommended weight would be my second choice.

I have an SUV that I put about 4000 miles a year one myself and I currently have Mobil 1 0W-40 in it and will switcht to Delvac after 12 months on the oil.
In all honesty, it probably doesn't even matter what oil it uses. At only 2k a year, even if the engine died at 50k, that's still 25 years of life! And I would have to say that pretty much any oil is going to get you to 50k.
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