2 different brands of NEW tires

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Jul 17, 2006
SW Michigan, near Fennville
I've gotten new Goodyear Viva 2 tires on the front of my 1996 Park Avenue. The rear are the BF Goodrich that I got with the car used. Now I am thinking of gettin another set of 2 new tires, but thinking Yokohama for the rear. P205/70R15 tire size is the same, but will there be any problems with Yokohama on the rear or would you like them to be on the front and the Goodyear Viva 2 on the rear? On my wife's Lumina I had it to the Fennville Tire shop and when they were doing alignment they replaced the 2 rear tires with their brand they carry and were not even the same size...similar but different sizes. Ones on the front were P215 and the rear were P205, but different ratio tires. At least they were still 14" LOL [Big Grin] Vern
Why not get 2 more Goodyears so that they're all matching and then you won't have the dilemma which to put on the front and which on the rear?
I like the look and design of the Yokohama tires, although I have to admit these Goodyear Viva 2 really have a pretty impressive looking set of traction lugs and lots of sipes. Vern
When you rotate them they will end up the other way anyway. Why not just get four tires of the same brand?
New tires also go to rear on cars by any competent/reputable tire shop. Also I would try and remain with same make/model of tire if feasible. You never know the differential in traction between tire models especially in those conditions were it matters eg winter, rain or emergency manuveur. Balanced traction will help quell the tendancy for your car to spin out.
Costco/Price Club for many years put new tires on the front. About 5 years ago they changed and refuse to put new tires on the front and will only put them on the rear (if you are only buying 2). They cite some study by Michelin that says that it's safer.
Originally posted by Master ACiD: you awalys want best traction in the rear, to prevent spin outs.
Can you elaborate a bit? [Smile] What would consitute a spin out on a Front wheel drive vehile under most driving conditions? Won't be buying ANY tires at costco or ANY place that dictates to me where they will mount the tires I buy. [Mad]
Front wheel drive vehicles tend to understeer. Rwd vehicles tend to oversteer which is usually much less controllable than understeer. By placing the new tires in the rear, either vehicle will be less likely to oversteer (better traction) which could result in a loss of control. Better traction up front = potential increase in tendency to oversteer. Better traction to the rear = potentially less tendency to oversteer = safer driving. Just as some shops won't put lower speed rated tires on a vehicle, some put all new tires (in pairs) on the rear. That's just the way it is.
Thank you Quattro Pete,... I now humbly eat crow. Please pass the new tires to the rear! It is the oversteer problem with newer tires, better tread on the front. Nearly new, I could probably live with, but completely mismatched it makes more sense for the rear to be the better for hydroplaning. Aside from hydroplaning, I wonder if the same applies with icey road conditions? Probably, huh? Where I come from in Nebraska, we only see mirages of "water" on the road, LOL
Originally posted by Quattro Pete: Why not get 2 more Goodyears so that they're all matching and then you won't have the dilemma which to put on the front and which on the rear?
I really think the Yokohama are the superior tire. I choose tire too quickly. Here is a nice link: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Yokohama&tireModel=AVID+TRZ&partnum=07TR5TRZ&i1_Qty=4 If I had it to do over, I would have gotten 4 of the Yokohama,but don't want to get 2 more of the Goodyear, so will put the Yoko's on the rear. [Big Grin]
Why would one one put new tires on the rear of a front wheel drive vehicle, if the front tires were worn down just a bit? Especially in approaching winter months, wouldn't you want the best traction tires on the front?
Now here's a new twist to my tale. First post I said I had Goodyear Viva 2. Well,.... I THOUGHT I had Goodyear Viva 2, that's what I was quoted price for and what I agreed to at Wal-Mart. White haired lady gave me 2 prices. One was for the Viva Touring at $76.67, each an 80,000 mile tire, and the other was for the Viva 2 at $67.52, which is a 60,000 mile tire. I told her I prefer the 60,000 mile tire as I felt it was safer in being more softer for better traction and stopping power. They mounted the more expensive Viva Touring on my car and I just this evening realized it!! [Duh!] I went out and looked at the tires and...sure enough.. Goodyear VIVA Touring. Kind of a bait and switch!! I think tomorrow I will have a serious talk with the manager of that Wal-Mart in South Haven Michigan and let them know I really don't like being told I'm getting one thing and then having been sold something else, something I really did not want.
You're going to complain about getting more expensive tires for less for your car, but you put up with mis-matched sizes on your wife's car? Must be BITOGism setting in. Do keep us abreast: We like Wart-Mall stories.
No, they charged me the full price for the tires. I not no deal on better tires. What they did was put on a tire costing 76.67, after she showed me a couple of quotes and I choose the Viva 2 at 67.52., and then she looked up stock to see if they had them in stock, which she said she did. Withinin the price range I was looking to spend at that moment, I would have preferred the Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring for 62.14 or the Douglas Touring for 66.26. I paid MORE not LESS than I wanted. Size of the tires are not mis matched on my wifes car any more either. I soon got that corrected and they have all the same Douglas 14" tire and same model. They do ride very well too.
Talked to Wal-Mart this afternoon. They gave me back the difference in the price of the Viva 2 and the Viva touring tire. I explained to them I even mentioned at the time of paying that is sure seemed like it was a bit more that what was quoted to me. I assumed the price of the $76.67 was inclusive of the road tax and such applied to the Viva 2 tire...nope.. it was just the price of the Viva Touring tire. Woman even appologized for making up the wrong work order for the tires. The whole principle of the thing is that I was quoted 2 prices and choose the 60,000 mile tire for a reason. I should have gotten the same tire that I agreed to purchase, and not a more expensive tire that they accidently put on.
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